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Department of Social Development (National): Overview

The Department of Social Development provides development, social protection and social welfare services to all South Africans. These services span the entire life cycle of human life and encompass advocacy, promotion, prevention, care and mitigation.


The Department is commitment to social transformation embodied in the principle of social justice and the Bill of Rights. It therefore endeavours to create a better life for the poor, vulnerable and excluded people in society.

Its task is to reduce poverty and promote social integration by developing and monitoring the implementation of social policy that both creates an enabling environment for and leads to the reduction in poverty. It ensures the provision of social protection and social welfare services to all South Africans and conducts research that develops the social indicators necessary for programme implementation and public accountability.

All the work of the Department is based on partnerships and the Batho Pele principles of service delivery. This requires extensive and on-going consultation with all sectors of our society. Programmes are integrated with those of other government departments and all spheres of government. The Department works in partnership with NGOs, faith-based communities, the business sector, organized labour and other role players.

As social service professionals, the Department's staff seek to empower communities and engender self-reliance by creating conditions for sustainable livelihoods. This involves expanding the range of choices available to communities.


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