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Department of Arts and Culture (National): Overview

The role of the Department of Arts and Culture is to:

  • Facilitate, initiate and implement international cooperation agreements on arts and culture.
  • Ensure the representation of South African arts and culture on the international scene.
  • Manage heritage and film-related issues in the country.
  • Manage and administrate of arts, culture and heritage institutions.
  • Promote arts, culture and heritage festivals.
  • Support informal arts education and training.
  • Support the development of, and access to the arts.
  • Support excellence and sustainability in the arts.
  • Encourage cooperation and networks within the diverse heritage of South Africa.
  • Collect and preserve the national archival heritage, and ensure proper management and care of government records.
  • Undertake heraldic services.
  • Develop cultural industries in partnership with the private sector.
  • Render translation and editing services to national departments.
  • Promote indigenous languages.
  • Provide language planning and terminology services.
  • Ensure standardisation and give advice on the proper use of geographical names.
  • Manage and govern national libraries and meta-information.


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