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Strategic and Operational Management Support Services: Overview

Strategic and Operational Management Support Services (SOMS)is meant to guide and coordinate the delivery of activities of the Provincial Treasury and to facilitate strategic and operational support services. The directorate consists of 3 units i.e. Strategic Management Support Services, Corporate Services Relations Management and the Office of the Head Official.
  • Strategic Management Support Services is responsible for the facilitation of the departmental strategic planning process and to develop, monitor report on and evaluate the overall performance management system of the Provincial Treasury. The development and implementation of a tailored performance management policy system and procedures, inclusive of planning, monitoring and reporting on performance will be the main focus of this unit over the new MTEF.
  • Corporate Services Relations Management is responsible for the management of the Provincial Treasury's working relationship with the centralised Corporate Services Centre (CSC) that is responsible for 11 departments' human resources service, which is now vested within the Department of the Premier. The Unit co-ordinates the rendering of Information and Communication Technology, human capital, corporate assurance, legal and communication support services to the Provincial Treasury by the CSC in terms of the provisions of a Service Level Agreement.
  • The Office of the Head Official provides strategic support to the department as a whole, inclusive of secretariat and other support services. This includes departmental communications, events management Language and website services, Information Resource Centre Services and managerial coordination of the department.
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