Cederberg Local Municipality: Overview

The Cederberg Local Municipality covers Citrusdal, Clanwilliam, Graafwater and Lamberts Bay.

Local Municipality Powers

Local municipalities are mandated to:

  • Pass by-laws (local laws and regulations) about any of the functions they are responsible for. By-laws may not go against any national laws.
  • Approve budgets and development plans. Every year, a municipal budget must be passed that sets down how money will be raised and spent. The municipality must also approve the Integrated Development Plan (IDP).
  • Impose rates and other taxes; for example, property tax.
  • Charge service fees for using municipal services like water, electricity and libraries.
  • Impose fines for people who break municipal by-laws; for example, traffic fines or fines for littering.
  • Borrow money. The council can take out a loan for a development or other project and is permitted to use municipal assets as surety.

Local Municipality Functions 

The Constitution confers the following areas of responsibility on local municipalities:

  • Electricity delivery.
  • Water for household use.
  • Sewerage and sanitation.
  • Storm water systems.
  • Refuse removal.
  • Firefighting services.
  • Municipal health services.
  • Decisions around land use.
  • Local roads.
  • Local public transport.
  • Street trading.
  • Abattoirs and fresh food markets.
  • Parks and recreational areas.
  • Libraries and other community facilities.
  • Local tourism.

WEBSITE: www.cederbergmunicipality.co.za/

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