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People Development Centre: Overview



Historically the PDC training centre was known as Aids Training Information and Counselling Centre (ATICC) and was mostly responsible for HAST related training of facility counselors and limited HIV/AIDS STI and TB (HAST) related clinical training for nurses.

The ATICC was subsequently identified to fulfill the function of a Regional Training Centre for the Western Cape to address the broader need for the training of health care workers.  A transitional process therefore commenced to broaden the service scope of ATICC and the training centre has also been absorbed into the Directorate:People Development




The People Development Centre strives to be a centre of excellence that improves the skills set of health care workers and health care professionals by offering competency bases non-formal training in order to ultimately improve the services rendered to clients of the Department of Health.

The content on this page was last updated on 13 September 2016