Emergency Medical Services: Overview | Western Cape Government

Emergency Medical Services: Overview

The Emergency Medical Services provides a range of emergency medical services and care, including:
  • Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Life Support Ambulance based Emergency Care
  • Patient Transfers from rural hospitals into tertiary care centers in the metropolitan area
  • Patient Transfers for follow-up care in the Metropolitan area
  • Aeromedical Advanced Life Support Casevac based in the Metropolitan area
  • Air Mercy Service transfers through the Red Cross Air Mercy Service from all centres in Africa to Cape Town
  • Medical Rescue services including Mountain Rescue, High Angle Rescue, Trench Rescue, Swift Water Rescue, Heavy Motor Vehicle Rescue, Light Motor Vehicle Rescue, Air Sea Rescue, Building Rescue
  • Mass Casualty and Disaster Management and Cave Rescue
  • Transfer of Infectious Disease Patients.
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