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National Gambling Act

No. 33 of 1996
This Act provides for the regulation and coordination of matters relating to casinos, gambling and wagering. It creates uniform norms and standards that apply throughout South Africa and makes provision for the establishment of the National Gambling Board.

National Gambling Board of South Africa Website

This site contains gambling information and details on responsible gambling. Gambling legislation is available. Answers are also provided to Frequently Asked Questions.

Responsible Gambling

In South Africa, there are various forms of gambling such as casinos, sports betting, limited payout machines (in clubs, pubs, restaurants, etc), lottery, online gambling, scratch cards, etc. Opportunities to gamble are readily available and may cause some people to become addicted to gambling.

Responsible Gaming Website

This site includes information on responsible gambling and responsible gambling projects. There is also information on how to check yourself and where to find help.

The Promotion of Responsible Gambling in South Africa

(Reports and Research)
This research report looks at the state of different forms of gambling in South Africa and the positive and negative impacts gambling has on the country. The report then looks at the steps that the Gambling Board is taking to promote responsible gambling.

The Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board Website

This site contains gambling legislation as well as information on the policies of the Gambling Board, Gambling Licenses and Fees, Gambling Devices and Problem Gambling.