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Statistics, Information & Research

Agricultural Geo-referenced Information System (AGIS) Website

This site contains information on AGIS. It also provides access to user-defined maps, information on natural resources and industries and offers advice on risk management.

Basic Agricultural Information

The Department has developed an extensive series of fact sheets on topics pertinent to the Agricultural Sector, including information on:   animal health growing fruit vegetable production cattle HIV/Aids.

Policing Needs and Priorities Cluster Reports 2017/18

(Reports and Research)
Department of Community Safety (Western Cape Government)

Statistical Information on the Agricultural Sector

The Department provides quarterly statistical information on the Agricultural Sector. The data available includes information on production, exports, imports, economic indicators and trends and detailed information for different crops.

The National Department of Agriculture Website

This site contains information on the Department and detailed information on the agricultural sector in South Africa, including Land Use Patterns and the Economic Significance of the Agricultural Sector. There is also information on partnerships, programmes and services that the Department is involved in.