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State-owned Enterprises

State-owned enterprises (or public entities) are independent bodies partially or wholly owned by government. They perform specific functions and operate in accordance with a particular Act.



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The core business of Alexkor is the mining of diamonds on land, along rivers, on beaches and in the sea along the north-west coast of South Africa.

To view tender opportunities, go to

Tel: 027 8311 330
Broadband Infraco

Broadband Infraco's vision is to be a catalyst for greater efficiency in the telecommunications market, so as to support economic growth.

All tenders are advertised in the print media and website and there is no restriction on who may submit a tender.

To view tenders go to

Tel: 011 235 1774

Eskom Holdings generates, transports and distributes approximately 95% of South Africa's electricity - making up 60% of the total electricity consumed on the African continent.

To view Eskom's tender bulletin, go to

Tel: 011 800 8111
South African Airways

To view tender opportunities in SAA, go to
Tel: 011 978 3366
SA Express

South African Express is a domestic and regional, passenger and cargo carrier

To view tender opportunities in SAA, go to

Tel: 011 978 3366
South African Forestry Company (SAFCOL)

South African Forestry Company (SAFCOL) is the Government's forestry company, conducting timber harvesting, timber processing and related activities both domestically and internationally.

To view tender opportunities, click on the following website, and then click on tenders,
Tel: 012 481 3500

Transnet is a public company wholly-owned by government. It is the largest and most crucial part of the freight logistics chain in South Africa.

Procurement opportunities in Transnet can be viewed in newspapers or on the following portal:
Tel: 011 308 2527
Petro SA

PetroSA (The Petroleum Oil and Gas Corporation of South Africa Pty Ltd) is the national oil company of the Republic of South Africa. The company owns, operates and manages the government's assets in the petroleum industry. View tender opportunities on

Tel: 021 929 3649 www.procurement
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