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First Home Finance


The First Home Finance is a housing subsidy for first-time home buyers to assist with purchasing a home.


The government subsidy for first-time homebuyers

Help Me Buy A Home/FLISP banner

Help Me Buy A Home/FLISP banner


The First Home Finance programme is a housing subsidy for first-time home buyers to assist with purchasing a home.  If your household income is between R3 501 to R22 000 per month, and you meet all the qualifying criteria, you may use this subsidy to purchase your first home. 

This subsidy can be used to :

  • Buy an existing house / apartment. 
  • Buy a serviced residential site i.e. plot with access to basic services - Applicants must be registered on the Western Cape Housing Demand Database for 3 years.
  • Build a house on serviced residential site, if the site was not acquired through a government housing subsidy in the past. Note that your builder must be registered with the National Home Builders Registration Council (NHBRC) to ensure building and safety standards.


Applicants can access this subsidy using one of the following finance options:

Mortgage Loan An approved home loan. You can also apply retrospectively, i.e. if you purchased a residential property and it has been transferred into your name not longer than 6 months ago.
Pension-backed loan A loan provided by a financial institution secured by your pension savings. Your pension fund and the financial institution must have entered into an arrangement.
Rent to Buy / Deferred ownership Agreement with your Landlord to purchase the  property you have been renting. You should only apply for the subsidy at the point of purchase and you have secured the necessary finance to make the purchase. 
No financial
Contribution Required
If the subsidy amount that you qualify for is equal to, or greater than, the purchase price of the property. The subsidy can also be used to cover transfer, bond registration costs, or a shortfall on the bond.
Cash From your own savings. No retrospective application for cash. Each contribution to be paid to attorneys prior to application.


What you need to qualify

  1. Your gross household income is between R3,501 and R22,000 per month, ie. Basic household income, plus housing allowance where applicable.
  2. You are a South African citizen or have a permanent residency permit.
  3. You are over 18 years and competent to contract.
  4. You are married or cohabiting OR single with financial dependents.
  5. You haven’t received a government housing subsidy before.
  6. You haven’t owned fixed residential property before.
  7. Attorneys to be CSD registered and attach proof.


How do I apply for the First Home Finance?


Once you have selected or secured one of the Finance Options (see above table), contact the Department of Infrastructure to complete the application form.  You can also contact your nearest municipality regarding this programme.

The following documents are required, together with your completed application:

  • Certified copies of identity documents (IDs) 
  • Certified copies of dependents’ birth certificates      
  • Certified copy of marriage certificate/ Final order of divorce 
  • Original recent payslip/affidavit confirming unemployment/ proof of social grant    
  • Certified copy of the deed of sale/ offer to purchase, if applicable
  • Certified copy of the bond approval/ bond quotation, if applicable   
  • Original/ certified copy of the statement of transfer cost from transferring attorney, if applicable
  • Proforma statement for cash contribution that confirm funds received.
  • An EFT proof of payment for the deposit paid.

What is the subsidy amount that you can qualify for?

The subsidy amount depends on your income and ranges between R38, 911 – R169 264

Download the brochure to view the sliding scale to determine the subsidy for different income brackets.

Deferred Ownership is also known as 'Rent-to-Own' or ‘Rent-to-Buy’.

For more information on the Pilot Project being developed in Bredasdorp, Cape Agulhas  visit the Mill Park housing development.


Who to contact to check the status of your subsidy application?

You can contact the Department’s Helpdesk directly for further assistance or details regarding the status of your subsidy application. You can contact them telephonically or by e-mail.

Where can I find more information?

Western Cape Department of Infrastructure
Ground Floor, ISM Building
27 Wale Street
Cape Town



Call: 021 483 6488 / 021 483 0611 / 021 483 0623 / 021 483 2060/ 021 483 3112


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Mondays to Fridays from 07:30 - 15:00

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