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Admissions to Schools


Children usually start Grade R in the year that the child turns 6. Early childhood development assists learners to cope better later in their school careers.

Compulsory school-going age (Grade 1) is 7 years in the year that the child is in Grade 1.

When you apply at a school to have your child enrolled, you need to have:

  • Your child's official birth certificate.
  • Proof that your child has been immunised.
  • Last school report card for learners who have been to school.
  • A transfer card/letter.

Non-South African citizens also need to have:

  • A study permit or proof of application for a study permit
  • A temporary or permanent residence permit or proof that you have applied for permission to stay in South Africa.

No public school may prevent a child from coming to the school because the parents have not paid or cannot pay the school fees.


Submit your application as early as possible the year before your child will be starting at his or her new school.

The application process for 2023 is open from 14 March 2022 to midnight of 15 April 2022.

Make sure you have the necessary documentation available. It takes roughly 15 minutes to apply and load the documents on the Western Cape Education Department’s admissions website. The website is a FREE service that is zero-rated.

Apply to at least 3 schools (including the ones closest to your home).

Indicate your order of preference on the system.

You can search for schools in your area using the "Find-a-School" Search Facility.

Contact the local WCED district office for advice

All queries regarding your child’s enrolment must be done via the online enrolment system.

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