Procurement Client Centre | Red Tape Reduction

Procurement Client Centre

The Western Cape Government is committed to reducing red tape for businesses, especially small businesses who are interested in becoming Western Cape Government suppliers. It is for this reason that we have opened the Procurement Client Centre, based in Century City.

The Procurement Client Centre offers a range of services to improve the ease of doing business with government, including providing procurement support assistance to provincial departments, entities, municipalities and suppliers through our integrated helpdesk.  This helpdesk aides in guiding suppliers through the tender process as well as assisting suppliers with registration on the National Treasury’s Central Supplier Database (CSD) and the Western Cape Supplier Evidence Bank (WCSEB).

For some Frequently Asked Questions around Supplier Databases please visit:
We are proud of the Procurement Client Centre, spearheaded by Provincial Treasury as this is an example of creating innovative ways in which we can deliver services within the Western Cape.  The Department of Economic Development and Tourism welcomes all partnerships internally, as well as externally to contribute towards the Ease of Doing Business in the Western Cape.
The Procurement Client Centre can be contacted directly via

Integration from IPS to EPS

The Provincial Treasury is migrating from the Integrated Procurement Solution (IPS) to the Electronic Procurement Solution (EPS). In order to assist with the ease of doing business with the Western Cape Government, the new ePS offers a number of enhancements on the system which will enhance and optimize the functionality for suppliers when engaging in procurement with the province.  

New e-Procurement solution in the Western Cape

E-Procurement Solution: Video tutorial - supplier registration and profile activation

Businesses will be regularly updated on further developments via the PT webpage and  this webpage