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Revenue saved for Boer & Butcher with the help of the Red Tape Reduction Unit

29 July 2021
Red Tape Reduction Unit

The Boer & Butcher had applied for a liquor licence for their restaurant, waiting for a period of over 11 months. The application was held up in a queue for consideration by the Liquor Licensing Tribunal of the Western Cape Liquor Authority.   The client invested R160k in cold room facilities and shelving to accommodate for the selling of the liquor products, but with no return.  The delay in the consideration of the liquor licence application was impacting on the growth of the business. The Red Tape Reduction unit was contacted via the Premier’s office to assist with the unblocking of red tape, as this had a huge cost implication for the business owner.

The Red Tape Unit (RTRU) immediately addressed communication with the Western Cape Liquor Authority (WCLA) explaining the client’s predicament, and enquired whether the WCLA could assist in finalizing the application.

A few hours later the RTRU was informed by the administrative staff of the WCLA that the application was considered and approved by the Liquor Licence Tribunal.

The procedure of unblocking red tape for the client surpassed our own time frames, and it took place within a matter of 5 hours! This surpassed the normal time frames expected.

Eda Hanekom of Boer & Butcher stated "We've been waiting for our liquor license for more than 11months. The Red tape Team helped us to get our licence in a matter of a week, and since then we were able to create jobs for 7 people. We are very appreciative of your assistance! Thank you very much! "

Eda received her liquor licence within one week of approval which enabled her to purchase and start to trade, resulting in much needed revenue required to run the business. Boer & Butcher could now successfully run their business with all licences in place, and further positively contribute job creation in the Province! 

The Red Tape Reduction Unit is proud to share this success story, demonstrating the power of collaboration and partnerships to reduce red tape for businesses.