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WCPO Takes Outreach to Mitchell's Plain

5 March 2018

As part of our planned outreach activities we visited Mitchell’s Plain Magistrates court to share our mandate with the community members at the court. 

In total, the three-man team (pictured below), consisting of Aaron van der Linde, Londi Dlakiya and Deidre Foster interacted with in excess of 600 people during this outreach exercise.  This is more than double the usual which we usually interact with during outreach.  

Mitchell's Plain Magistrate Court 2018 050.JPG

Despite the large amount of persons spoken to, it was evident that much more work must be done in Mitchell’s Plain as so many citizens noted that it was their first time hearing about our office. 

We wish to thank Ms Yvette Ismail and the management of the Mitchell’s Plain Magistrate Court for allowing the WCPO to take over their space, and share our mandate.  We will most certainly go back!