About us | Western Cape Police Ombudsman

About us

Our Mission

The Western Cape Police Ombudsman seeks to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the police services and to improve relations between the police and the communities by investigating complaints of police inefficiency and / or a breakdown of relations between the police and any community.

Our Vision

A society where there is mutual respect and trust between the people and the police.

Our Values


Our Team

Our dedicated team will provide you with an impartial and independent opportunity to lodge complaints relating to allegations of poor service delivery received from the South African Police Service (SAPS)  in the Western Cape.

The office was established following the enactment of the Western Cape Community Safety Act or 2013.

The legal authority for its establishment is to be found in Chapter 11 of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa particularly sections 206(3) & (5) read with schedule 4 of the Constitution on “Functional areas of concurrent national and provincial legislative competence".

Whilst the office of the Police Ombudsman is established in the Department of Community Safety in terms of section of 10(1), its independence and impartiality is guaranteed by section 14(1) which states: "the Ombudsman and staff members of the Ombudsman must serve independently and impartially and must perform their functions in good faith and without fear, favour, bias or prejudice, subject to the Constitution and the law".