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WCPO hosts Lesotho delegation

16 February 2017

The WCPO was invited by the Department of Community Safety (DOCS) to host a visit by delegates from the Lesotho Government.  The office welcomed the opportunity to share its mandate with officials outside its borders.

Advocate Pikoli commenced with sharing the vision and mandate of the office, and the guests from Lesotho confirmed that whilst they are keen to implement an authority similar to the WCPO, that there is much work to do, in terms of having a legislative framework in which to operate.  Once attendee commented that very often the term "Oversight Fatigue" is raised.  However, Advocate Pikoli stressed that there can never be too much oversight, given the sheer power that individual SAPS members yield, at times, the power of life and death.  For this reason there can never be too much oversight over the police.

The office looks forward to hosting future visits of this kind, and wishes the Lesotho delegation well in their endeavors. 

Pictured below:  Members of the Lesotho delegation (Center) with representatives of the APCOF organisation (Left)

Lesotho Visit.jpg