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Outreach to the Blind

22 February 2018

Since our inception we've had the privilege of sharing our mandate to the most vulnerable of society.  The WCPO heard harrowing accounts of how blind persons were ridiculed at police stations when reporting crime. 

For this reason, we felt strongly that we needed to have our brochure transcribed into braille for those who needed it. 

During February we visited the following organisations to deliver our braille brochures: Athlone School for the Blind, and the Cape Town Society for the Blind in Salt River, followed by a visit to Pioneer School for the Blind and the Institute for the Blind in Worcester.  

The WCPO wishes to thank each and every organisation, who so warmly welcomed our team, and ensured that we leave with a better understanding of their work.   We especially thank the League of Friends of the Blind (L.O.F.O.B) for their assistance with our braille transcription.  We look forward to more interaction such as this, in future, to ensure that we do not exclude any member of society, when sharing our mandate.   

Pictured herein below: Young women from the Pioneer School for the blind in Worcester.


Pictured below:  Advocate Pikoli addressing people from LOFOB during last year:


Pictured herein below:  Deidre Foster sharing the mandate at Cape Town Society for the Blind, during last year: