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Africa Public Service Delivery Month

27 June 2017

The WCPO was approached by the Department of Community Safety to participate in their Africa Public Service Delivery (APSD) month activities.  

The Waldorf Building, plays host to a few departments such as the Department of Transport, Economic Development, as well as external offices such as the UNHRC.  On 27 June 2017 the WCPO  grabbed the opportunity to conduct internal marketing to reach the staff of the Waldorf Building.  In the true spirit of APSD, the office ensured that their interns were used for the outreach in order to expose and empower the youth employed in their office.  More importantly, the marketing activities are an Annual Performance Plan (APP) deliverable and it provides an opportunity  for the office to showcase its work and mandate, to those who share the building with us.  The office believes that service delivery begins at the coalface of society, and what better way to showcase this, by taking the WCPO services, to our neighbors in the building. 

The WCPO thanks the management and staff in the Waldorf Building, for providing the opportunity.

Pictured below:  Aaron van de Linde, our Intern, interacting with staff.

APSD_June 2017_01