Further Education and Training Fact File, 2 2005-09-02 | Western Cape Government

Further Education and Training Fact File

September 2005, 2
(Western Cape Education Department, Western Cape Government)


The head of a FET college is a CEO (principal) appointed in terms of Public Service Act conditions of service.
Every FET college has a council appointed by the MEC of Education to oversee the effective governance of the FET college.
Every FET college has an academic board that oversees the academic programme of the college.
FET colleges have an academic year that operates on trimesters and semesters.
FET colleges strive to be operational throughout the year with only some campuses closing for recess periods at any one time.
The largest WCED (Western Cape Education Department) operated FET college in the Western Cape enrolls more than 15,000 students in one year and has an academic (educator) staff complement of more than 200.
Western Cape FET colleges have functioning high level partnerships with more than 450 partners in commerce, industry and government.
The WCED works closely with the Department of Economic Development and Tourism to identify areas of economic activity that may require human resource development and aligns FET college courses accordingly.
The WCED works closely with the Department of Labour and its substructures for the promotion and offering of learnerships and skills courses to be offered by FET colleges.
The WCED has concluded 12 Memoranda of Understanding with key Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETAs) on behalf of FET colleges.

For further information contact:
Rozanne at the Directorate Further Education and Training on 021 467 2614 or email ropeters@pgwc.gov.za.


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