Media Release: African horse sickness vaccinations season to end soon | Western Cape Government



Media Release: African horse sickness vaccinations season to end soon

18 October 2018



Horse owners are reminded that the African Horse Sickness vaccination season will end on October 31.


The vaccinations are controlled in the African Horse Sickness protection, surveillance and free zones of the province. Vaccination is compulsory in the AHS protection zone, however, these vaccinations can only take place during the mandated period between 1 June and 31 October each year.


For vaccinations in the surveillance and free zones, the State Veterinary Services must give permission for owners to have their horses vaccinated and these permissions can only be given for the same period. The period for permissions in these areas has already closed, however owners have until October 31 to complete the vaccination process.


The disease is spread by biting midges.


Minister of Economic Opportunities, Alan Winde said: “Responsible vaccination against African Horse Sickness decreases the risks of outbreaks in the province and increases the likelihood that trade partners interested in South African horses will keep the trade pathways for horses from South Africa open.”


He said: “We are very grateful to horse owners and veterinarians who have complied with the legislation in the AHS controlled areas in the province, as we have been without incidence for two consecutive years.”



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