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Women of Worth

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woman of worth

During August each year, women are celebrated for their strength, and their contribution to society.

In commemoration of Women’s Month, the Western Cape Government Health and Wellness (WCGHW) aims to increase awareness of women’s health issues to empower women where Women’s Health and Wellness is at the centre. The Women’s Month Theme for 2022 is Generational Equality: Realising Women’s Right for an Equal Future.

The WCGHW calls on the whole of society to highlight and continue efforts to sWomen of Healthupport Women’s Health and their need for protection, safety, and well-being, embedding Health as everyone’s business.

The Western Cape Government Health has its annual Women’s health season from July to September. This drive is focused on strengthening women’s health and calls on all women to responsibly take stock of their health.

Women’s health services are available at our public health facilities and include: 

  • contraceptive choices,
  • pregnancy screening and care,
  • ante-natal care,
  • labour and deliver care
  • postnatal care
  • general health checks,
  • pap smears,
  • breast checks,
  • chronic disease management, and
  • referral for care and support when required.

The Department plays a pivotal role in advocating and educating women and the broader community to ensure that women are proactive in seeking health care and taking care of themselves.

The Department aims to intensify its efforts to remind women of various free health services available to them and encourage them to use those services as many women tend to neglect themselves in favour of taking care of their loved ones.

Women are worth it! Take care of yourself and thus take care of your community.

Access more information about where you can get your free health checks and how you can get involved in our activations in EnglishAfrikaans and Xhosa.

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These women are changing the world around them

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