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Western Cape municipalities get improved online presence

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Seventeen municipalities in the Western Cape have received an online upgrade to enable communities to receive easier and better access to services.

The Department of Local Government started the project in 2014 and aims to standardise municipal websites across the Province. This will ensure that all municipalities in the Western Cape will have a similar basic online platform.

Local Government, Environmental Affairs and Development Planning Minister, Anton Bredell, emphasised that these new websites are standardised on a single platform and this will make it possible for them to evolve in line with the Western Cape’s eGovernment strategy. This strategy seeks to enhance service delivery through the use of technology for all our people.

The mobile-friendly websites will make it possible for citizens in the most rural areas of the Province to interact with their municipality utilising their mobile phones. This will help to reduce the cost of access to municipal services for many people in the Western Cape.

The 17 municipalities with who benefited from the program are:

The newly developed websites have many exciting features, including: Service icons

  • An alert tab which will inform citizens of urgent information which the Municipality wishes to communicate.
  • General information about the municipal area and services.
  • Information municipalities are required by law to publish.
  • Information relating to tourism and economic opportunities in the municipality.
  • Information about the Mayor, councillors and administrative leadership.

According to Minister Bredell “these websites, therefore, form part of our strategy to enhance transparent and accessible governance in the Western Cape,” and the Department of Local Government has also helped each of the municipalities to manage their website by giving training to the officials responsible for maintaining each of the respective municipalities websites.

The project is still ongoing and will be rolled out to the following municipalities:

For more information about the program contact:

Mr Azile Tsewu
Tel: 021 483 4610

Mr Sira Nkundla
Tel: 021 483 2455

The content on this page was last updated on 14 May 2019