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Western Cape budget speech 2018

On 6 March 2018, Western Cape Finance Minister, Ivan Meyer, delivered the 2018/19 provincial budget speech

In his speech, Minister Meyer outlined the provincial government's priority spending plan for the next financial year.

The 2018 Western Cape Budget places a particular importance on formulating a budget which places people and creating a public value at the centre of budget policy.

This includes making the Provincial Strategic Plan 2014 - 2019 and Game Changers happen and include prioritising inclusive, sustainable and smart growth.

The 2018 Western Cape Budget will focus on:

  • Placing people and creating public value at the centre of budget policy.
  • Good governance - maintaining fiscal sustainability, managing key fiscal and service delivery risks including the drought and water response.
  • Continued protection of frontline services (Education, Health and Social Development) and Provincial Strategic Plan (PSP) objectives.
  • Investment in public and economic infrastructure of more than R25 billion.
  • Focus on youth, disability and skills development.

The Western Cape Government will continue to affirm its established fiscal and budget policy principles of allocative efficiency, fiscal sustainability, fiscal consolidation and fiscal discipline.

The 2018 Western Cape Budget provides total expenditure amounting to R62.705 billion in 2018/2019; R64.782 billion in 2019/2020; R68.558 billion in 2020/2021. 

Over the next three years, the Western Cape Government will be spending money where it is most needed and where it will be most effective. This includes: 

  • R25.232 billion to improve infrastructure and create job opportunities in health, education and roads.
  • R72.460 billion on quality health
  • R69.870 billion on quality education and youth development
  • R963.551 million to keep our communities safe
  • R7.306 billion to improve informal communities, provide affordable/GAP housing and to prioritise subsidsed housing
  • R157.031 million has been prioritised for water infrastructure in 2018/2019, with an additional R100 million for drought support. 

To learn more about the Western Cape Government's financial policy please read the following:

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