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Visit the WCG eCentre in Langebaan

Langebaan is a coastal town in the Western Cape on the eastern shore of Langebaan Lagoon.

It’s 120 km north of Cape Town, just off the R27, about 28 km from Vredenburg and 20 km from Saldanha Bay. 

Langebaan is a popular tourist destination known for its stunning beaches, scenic beauty, recreational activities, and nature reserves. It’s a favoured destination for both locals and tourists.

Many residents work in jobs related to hospitality, including hotels, restaurants, guesthouses, and tour operators. Other residents may also work in retail, healthcare, education, construction, or government services.

Even with its beautiful surroundings, Langebaan is home to a large population of people dealing with issues that many South Africans face. Many residents in Langebaan need:

  1. Better infrastructure.
  2. Jobs.
  3. Affordable Housing.
  4. Improved environmental conservation efforts.
  5. More social services.

Addressing these needs requires collaboration between government agencies, community organizations, businesses, and residents.

In 2012, the Western Cape Government (WCG) opened the WCG eCentre in Langebaan to provide communities with access to digital resources and skills development opportunities. By guaranteeing that people, especially those living in underprivileged areas, have access to technology, information, and digital literacy training, the program seeks to close the digital divide.At the Thembalethu WCG eCentre, visitors can expect a range of services, including:

  • The Internet
  • Email and assistance to create emails.
  • Online job searches and applications.
  • Online university applications.
  • Free printing.
  • Basic informal computer course training.
  • e-Learner online computer course training.
  • International Computer Digital Literacy (ICDL) computer course training.

The community has benefited greatly from the collaboration between the Langebaan WCG eCentre, the Saldhana Bay Municipality, and the Langebaan Thusong Center.Scholars who had no access to online learning materials visit the eCentre daily to complete assignments and conduct research.

Some residents of Langebaan used the eCentre to apply for EPWP programmes, and some applied for internships via the eCentre and received job offers from the Saldanha Bay Municipality. Some youth used the ICT training as a steppingstone to apply for opportunities and better jobs outside of town.

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