Summer season safety in the Western Cape

Family at the Beach

We take your safety very seriously, and to make sure that everyone living in and visiting the province will have a safe and memorable experience, we have some safety tips for you and your family to remember.

To make sure that the holiday season is accident free it’s important that we don’t only rely on law enforcement officers for safety. We need to take responsibility for our own safety by following some basic rules to make sure that we don’t put ourselves in harm’s way by being careless.

Together we need to make sure that you’re prepared for any eventuality by giving you information that you can use to make sure that you stay safe or at least know what to do in an emergency.

Fire Safety

During the summer and holiday season we spend a lot of time outdoors at the beach, having picnics and braais. Make sure that you know the basic safety precautions to avoid fires in and out of the home or what to do in case of a fire.

Here are some general fire safety tips for you and your family and more information on what to do in case of a wildfire.

Safety on the road

During the summer holidays we’ll be traveling on the road more visiting family and friends. We also tend to drive longer distances to holiday destinations and it's important to have your vehicle tested for roadworthiness. This is to make sure that your vehicle doesn’t breakdown during the trip to ensure your safety and avoid ruining your holiday.
paramedics assisting patient

There are more useful road safety tips and facts on the Safely Home website.

Train safety

If you choose to commute to work or the beach with a train because it’s cost effective and you don’t have to deal with the stresses that come with peak hour traffic, you need to be aware of the basic safety rules when using the train

Safety measures to take in the case of poisoning

The best precaution to take with poisonous substances and animals is to avoid situations which involve these risks. The great outdoors also brings with it the possibility to encounter poisonous snakes, spiders, insects and sea creatures. It’s important to remember that animals usually act on instinct and fear. Never provoke animals or deliberately go into a protected habitat where there are clear dangers.

With household items which are poisonous, it’s best to keep it in locked cabinets or out of reach of children who mistake the substances as cold drinks or sweets. If you’re informed about the measures to take to prevent poisoning it can mean the difference between life and death.

Use our handy tips to prevent poisoning to prepare you for a trouble-free time indoors and outdoors.

Keeping children safe during the holidays

During school holidays parents struggle to keep their children busy and out of harm’s way. If you’re at a loss on how to keep your child safe and constructively busy during the school holidays, then consider enrolling them in our Mass participation; Opportunity and access; Development and growth (MOD) programme or look at the other school holiday activities which are available.

Safety Kiosk

Fireworks safety tips

With the holidays and festive season around the corner it’s always exciting to light fireworks and enjoy the explosive entertainment that it provides. 

It’s important to follow these 13 firework safety tips to make sure everybody is safe while enjoying the visual entertainment.

Calling for help in an emergency

We want your summer to be safe, but in the event that you should face an emergency, here’s what you should do when you need emergency medical care.

The content on this page was last updated on 20 December 2016