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(The Government of South Africa)

New South African Bank Notes 2012

(The Government of South Africa)
The South African Reserve Bank is issuing a new series of banknotes that personify South Africa's pride as a nation and, at the same time, pays tribute to a much-loved global icon and the country's first democratically elected president, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela.

The new notes feature the image of former president Nelson Mandela on the front of the notes and, on the reverse side, images of South Africa's Big Five - rhino, elephant, lion, buffalo and leopard - will still be portrayed.

Other design features on the new banknotes include South Africa's official coat of arms, the 11 official languages and other uniquely South African cultural symbols such as our San rock art.

The new South African Banknotes will officially go into circulation on Tuesday, 6 November 2012. The current and new banknotes will co-circulate and both remain legal tender.

The new banknotes incorporate state-of-the-art security, technical and design features such as intaglio printing, watermarks, unique numbering, security threads, fluorescent ink, microlettering and colour-changing ink.

Members of the public are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the security features of the new banknotes in order to be able to identify their authenticity by utilising the look, feel and tilt method.

Design and Technical Features of the New Banknotes

Security Features of the New Banknotes

Frequently Asked Questions about the New Banknotes

Source: South African Reserve Bank

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