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Municipalities in the Western Cape

Local municipalities are one of the 3 spheres of government and the level of government which is closest to the people. There's a total of 30 municipalities in the Western Cape. These are grouped by region into 1 Metropolitan municipality, 5 rural Districts municipalities and 24 Local municipalities.

The Western Cape’s only metropolitan municipality is the City of Cape Town

The role of municipalities is to provide basic services, as well as promote a safe and healthy environment, and community development. Their responsibilities include:

  • management of water,
  • sanitation,
  • refuse removal,
  • firefighting,
  • local public transport,
  • parks and recreational areas,
  • local tourism and,
  • libraries.

There are 3 different kinds of municipalities in the Western Cape, each with its own area of responsibility.

Metropolitan municipalities

We have 1 metropolitan municipality in the Western Cape. A metropolitan municipality (referred to as Category A) has more than 500 000 permanent residents that co-ordinates service delivery like firefighting services, refuse removal, and local public transport for the entire region.

These types of municipalities are divided into wards and have exclusive municipal executive and legislative authority in their areas. This means that the mayoral executive council can function independently and have single metropolitan budgets, common property ratings and service-tariff systems, as well as single employer bodies.

District and local municipalities

Local municipalities (referred to as Category B municipalities) form the third sphere of local government and are usually the arm of government closest to the people.

Each municipality is broken into wards, and the residents in each ward are represented by a ward councillor. They’re governed by municipal councils which are elected by voters who live in that specific municipal area. Municipalities may include rural areas as well as 1 or more towns or small cities. 

They’re tasked primarily with developing and implementing sustainable ways to:

  • meet community needs and improve the quality of their lives with the provision of basic services,
  • provide a democratic and accountable government for local communities,
  • ensure the provision of services to communities in a sustainable manner,
  • promote social and economic development,
  • promote a safe and healthy environment, and
  • encourage the involvement of communities and community organisations in the matters of the municipality.

District municipalities (referred to as Category C) administer and make rules for a district, which includes more than 1 local municipality. Some district municipalities also include nature reserves and the areas where few people live. These so-called ‘district management areas’ fall directly under the district council and have no local municipality. 

District municipalities and local municipalities share the responsibility for local government in their areas in order to ensure that all communities, particularly disadvantaged communities, have equal access to resources and services.

municipal map


Contact number


City of Cape Town

Tel: 086 010 3089

Cape Winelands District Municipality

Tel: 086 126 5263

9. Breede Valley

Tel: 086 012 1212

7. Drakenstein

Tel: 021 807 4782

10. Langeberg

Tel: 023 615 8000

8. Stellenbosch

Tel: 021 808 8111; 021 808 8890 (24/7 Emergencies)

6. Witzenberg

Tel: 023 316 1854

Central Karoo District Municipality

Tel: 023 449 1000

24. Beaufort West

Tel: 023 414 8100/8020

22. Laingsburg

Tel: 023 551 1019

23. Prince Albert

Tel: 023 541 1320

Garden Route District Municipality

Tel: 044 803 1300

21. Bitou

Tel: 086 124 8686/044 501 3000

19. George

Tel: 044 801 9111

16. Hessequa

Tel: 028 713 8000

15. Kannaland

Tel: 028 551 1023

20. Knysna

Tel: 044 302 6300

17. Mosselbay

Tel:  044 606 5000

18. Oudtshoorn

Tel: 044 203 3000

Overberg District Municipality

Tel: 028 425 1157

13. Cape Agulhas

Tel: 028 425 5500

12. Overstrand

Tel: 028 313 8000

14. Swellendam

Tel: 028 514 8500

11. Theewaterskloof

Tel: 028 214 3300

West Coast District Municipality

Tel: 022 433 8400

3. Bergriver

Tel: 022 913 6000

2. Cederberg

Tel: 027 482 8000

1. Matzikama

Tel: 027 201 3300

4. Saldanabay

Tel: 022 701 7000

5. Swartland

Tel: 022 487 9400

Below is a map of the District Municipalities and Municipalities of the Western Cape

For a map of the wards in the Western Cape please use the Municipal Demarcation Board map.

The content on this page was last updated on 12 April 2021