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MOD Programme Achievements

(Western Cape Government)

The MOD programme has recorded impressive achievements since its inception in 2010. It has provided mass participation opportunities for disadvantaged communities, resulted in skills development and talent identification for learners, capacitated coaches and coordinators, and revitalised school sport.

Support for school sport and physical activity
MOD Centres have allowed schools to broaden the range of sport activities they offer, provided quality coaching, backed up by talent identification and further opportunities for gifted learners. Support for school sport and physical activity through MOD Centres has freed up educators to spend more time on teaching. 
Introduction of new sport codes
There is no doubt that the MOD Programme has introduced new sporting codes and activities to communities. In a country dominated by football, rugby, cricket, and to a lesser extent, netball and athletics, other sport codes are often sidelined. The MOD programme gives learners a chance to try their hand at all priority codes as well as modified sport and a range of recreation activities. By 2016, there will be 16 priority school sport codes. 
Talent identification
The MOD Programme contributes significantly to talent identification and structural support for sporting excellence in the Western Cape. The most gifted athletes are selected for high-performance training at a regional or provincial Sharp Centre. The most promising athletes are offered a place at the elite Western Cape Sport School where they will receive high-level coaching. A total of 970 learners had attended high-performance training at Sharp Centres. 
Support for clubs and federations
The MOD Programme has contributed the success of sport and recreation clubs and federations by supporting the development of young athletes at school level and assisting them to compete. This is in alignment with a directive from Sport and Recreation South Africa to provincial departments  to support the work of sport and recreation federations. 
Music and dance
MOD Recreation Centres have had an exceptional impact at schools, offering children the chance to engage in music, dance and performing arts activities after school. 
Nutrition support
In conjunction with the Department of Social Development (DSD), a feeding programme has been successfully initiated at 101 MOD Centres across the Western Cape. All learners participating in centre activities receive a nutrition pack. 
Employment and skills development
DCAS provides MOD Centre coaches with skills training in various areas such as event management, first aid etc. This increases their capacity and makes them more employable. Some coaches leave the programme for permanent employment elsewhere, while some move up the ranks in the MOD Programme. 
Safe community space
MOD Centre coaches provide a safe space for learners to play and be active. Coaches provide a friendly listening ear to those children who need to talk. Where appropriate, learners who need counselling are referred to the Department of Social Development for professional counselling.  
Many learners who previously had few opportunities to play and be active have reported being inspired by the MOD Programme. Many participants have emphasised how much they  appreciated engaging in sport, recreation, music and dance. For some, the nutrition pack was very valuable. Learners appreciated the opportunity to play in a safe space, connect with the coaches and be among their friends.
Improved attendance and academic performance
Certain schools have reported an increase in attendance and improved academic results since the inception of the MOD programme. Many schools have reported better attendance and an increase in pass rates. 
Social inclusion
The programme has helped with social inclusion and the integration of communities characterised by a range of social problems. The MOD Programme is a resource for learners as well as the whole community they live in.
Delinquent behaviour
By helping to keep children and young people engaged in positive constructive activities after school hours, the MOD Programme has contributed to reducing the risk posed by social ills such as gangsterism, drug and alcohol abuse, crime, violence and difficult home environments.
The success of the MOD Programme is bolstered by partnerships with other government entities, and partnerships with private sector companies such as Virgin Active.
If you would like to become involved in the MOD programme, please contact: 
Paul Bell
Head: Communication Support Management (Sport Development Directorate) 
Tel: 021 483 9654


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