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Jobs in the Western Cape Government

WCG jobsAre you passionate about the Western Cape and its citizens?

Do you want to make a difference?

Are you looking for a new job?

If you answered yes to these questions, the Western Cape Government (WCG) could be the perfect place for you.

With various areas of speciality and a range of job levels, the Western Cape Government (WCG) is focused on improving citizen service delivery and is constantly working on making the Western Cape one of the best run provinces in the world.

To do this, we need enthusiastic employees who are dedicated to service delivery and who will work with us to make the Western Cape Better Together.

Cape Access staff members explain what it is like to work for the WCG

1) What aspect of your job is most satisfying?

Cape Access Programme Manager, Kelvin Groeneveldt: [I love] making a tangible difference in someone’s life, especially those living in disadvantaged rural areas. 

Cape Access Regional Co-ordinator, Warren Farmer: The most satisfying aspect is to see the personal development of citizens after visiting a Cape Access e-Centre and being empowered by the services and training that we render.

2) What do you know about government now, that you didn’t know before you started working here?

Warren: There are hundreds of dedicated and passionate government officials that want to bring about a change or facilitate a change in the lives of the many unprivileged citizens in the province.

Kelvin: Government is a complex environment and you never stop learning.

3) Do you have any tips or advice for people who’d like to work here?

Kelvin: [As a job seeker you need] to take the opportunities that come your way and you are in control of your own destiny.

Warren: Never give up applying for a job, the right one will come your way.

Where to Look for Available Jobs 

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We advertise new jobs on our website daily, so make sure to bookmark the jobs page so you don't miss out on your potential dream job. Just remember, this is not a comprehensive list of all WCG vacancies and it is a good idea to look through local newspapers for additional current vacancies. The City of Cape Town also advertises its vacancies online.

Also, all Western Cape Government job applications are free and we do not require deposits to secure jobs

Our senior management service (SMS) positions are advertised nationally, as per government regulations. You can find out more about these types of posistions by reading the SMS handbook.

National and provincial government positions are advertised in the Public Service Vacancy Circular.

WCG Jobs

There are Two Ways to Apply for a Government Job

1) Online Applications

Step 1: Register your personal profile.

  • Note:  You need to upload a CV in either .doc or .pdf formats. Make sure your CV is no longer than five pages.

Step 2: Look for the blue "Apply Online" block at the top of the job adverts and log in to your account using your e-mail address and password.

Step 3: Carefully read through the online application and complete the questions required by the application.

Step 4: After completing the questionnaire, click on the "Apply" button.

Step 5: Once your application has been successfully submitted online, a system-generated e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address listed in your profile.

WCG Jobs ChecklistContact the helpdesk on 0861 227 337 if you have any technical queries or if you need help with your online profile or application.


2) Postal or Hand-delivered Applications 

Step 1: Complete a Z83 form, which is available at any Western Cape Government office.

  • Note: National and Provincial Parliament and municipalities use different application forms.

Step 2: Carefully read through the whole form. This form is used to identify suitable candidates for interviews.

Step 3: Fill in the Z83 form completely. You need to complete the form accurately and legibly by filling in Section A to Section G.

Step 4: Complete the Declaration Section. Read through and sign the form; your application will not be considered if you have not dated and signed the form.

Step 5: After completing the form, remember to attach your current CV (five pages maximum) together with certified copies of your ID, academic qualifications and proof of other requirements as indicated in the advertisement.

Step 6: Post or hand deliver your completed Z83 form and all the required documents to the address listed in the advertisement.

  • Note: Any job applications sent by fax or e-mail will not be accepted. 

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