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Get connected at the Eendekuil WCG eCentre

Eendekuil, nestled within the Bergrivier municipality, has a rich history and a resilient community. Located 30km north of Piketberg, Eendekuil has transformed over the years, once boasting a train station and a cheese factory, both of which have since closed down.

Presently, the town faces economic challenges with limited permanent job opportunities. Residents often find seasonal work on grape farms during the summer and citrus packhouses in Citrusdal during winter. While a rooibos tea and a citrus factory exist, they offer minimal permanent employment, highlighting the pressing need for more sustainable job opportunities within the community.

With a population of 1 530, the aspirations of the Eendekuil community are clear: they seek amenities and opportunities for growth. Some of their priorities are testablishing a swimming pool, playgrounds, additional shops, and a high school. The community recognises the importance of enhancing infrastructure and creating more permanent workplaces to improve livelihoods and foster local development.

The Eendekuil eCentre opened its doors on 14 November 2016 and is located centrally within the town in the library building and has provided essential services to residents. These include access to computers, the internet, online resources, printing, scanning, email services, and computer training. The eCentre serves about 263 members monthly and an average of 88 visitors weekly. It remains a hub of activity as it caters to the diverse needs of its residents.

Students use the facility for school projects and research, while older members use the internet for things like UIF and SARS.

The eCentre has played a significant role in uplifting the community through education and skills development initiatives. Some highlights include successful E-Learner and ICDL graduations and a typing competition showcasing the dedication and progress of local learners. As Eendekuil continues its journey towards progress and prosperity, the eCentre stands as a symbol of hope and opportunity.

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Main Road

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Monday - Friday: 08:00 - 16:00

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