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Directorate: Community Police Relations

(Department of Police Oversight and Community Safety, Western Cape Government)

The function of the Directorate: Community Police Relations (CPR) will shift to assist local governments to realise the outcome of promoting a safe and healthy environment by supporting safety partners through local government structures. It is also envisaged that this will form part of departmental support and collaboration with Community Safety Forums (CSFs). Further to this, the directorate’s support to district municipalities will include the assessment of progress made against the implementation of the district safety plans on a regular basis.

This will advance synergy towards advancing safety in district and local municipalities.

It is noted that the South African Police Service (SAPS) and other law enforcement agencies work together with the district municipalities, local municipalities, other government and non-government partners in the CSFs to advance safety.

The  Directorate also assesses CSFs at the district municipality and local municipality level in terms of the functionality of district municipality CSFs in line with CSF policy and implementation guidelines. Functionality includes the support of CSFs, such as capacity building and maintenance. The Sub-programme will again render funding and consultative support, including quarterly engagements, to the district municipalities to facilitate the implementation of the safety plans. This approach contributes towards placing safety prominently on the district municipality agenda and thereby is envisaged to improve the work done with safety initiatives in the district municipalities.

Want to know more about the Community Police Forum (CPF)? Download the brochure here. 

If your organisation is interested to join the CPF and to participate in its activities, please enquire with the Department of Community Safety, or with the SAPS station commander at your local SAPS station

The content on this page was last updated on 6 April 2022