Directorate: Community Police Relations | Western Cape Government

Directorate: Community Police Relations

(Department of Community Safety, Western Cape Government)

The Directorate Community Police Relations will participate in the department’s new way of work, by supporting Area Based Teams (ABTs) with violence prevention interventions. The Area Based Team (ABT) approach is based on the department’s focus on the implementation of the Western Cape Safety Plan. The Western Cape Safety Plan aims to reduce murders and violence overall, by:

  • Aligning violence prevention, urban design and law enforcement interventions;
  • Using evidence informed & data-led methods;
  • Applying it in select high-violence areas, and;
  • Coordinating all interventions by means of Area Based Teams (ABT).

To advance the goal of violence prevention, the ABTs comprise of multi-disciplinary safety stakeholders, both from government and civil society, working together, using an evidence-based, data-led approach, to do community consultation in the ABT areas, regarding safety matters. After community consultation, the ABTs will decide on relevant safety interventions which are responsive to community safety needs at local level, in the selected areas. This would contribute to reduce key safety threats in communities, strengthen violence prevention and reduction, improve community cohesion and resilience, and enhance community safety.

Because the department wants to significantly impact on violence prevention and reduction in the high-crime areas, by seeing a marked difference in violence in these areas, the ABT approach will be highly resource-intensive and will initially be limited to sixteen areas, namely eleven high-crime metro areas, and one area in each of the five district municipalities.

Alongside the ABT approach, the directorate will continue to promote good community police relations and support transparency and accountability between the police and safety partners. Thus, the directorate will conduct assessments of the functionality of Community Police Forums (CPFs). In addition, the directorate will assess District Community Safety Forums (CSFs) to assess the functionality and effectiveness of district municipality CSFs. The functionality may include establishment and support, such as capacity building and maintenance of these CSFs.

The content on this page was last updated on 14 May 2021