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Choice condoms go to the Max

Using condoms when having sex is an important preventative measure in the fight against sexually transmitted infections and diseases. The national Department of Health has distributed condoms freely as part of the national HIV prevention and sexual and reproductive health programmes.

As part of the national Department of Health's Choice condom rebranding campaign, the new condoms will introduce a range of scents and colours.

Why the rebranding?

Choice condoms have been rebranded to be more appealing. Out with the boring packaging and regular latex condoms and in with the funky colours and appealing scents.

Now called Max, the condoms were rebranded and designed to appeal to the sexually active youth and encourage them to practice safe sex.  

These freely available condoms are aimed at promoting safe sex and to help in the fight against sexually transmitted infections such as HIV/AIDS. 

The makeover comes after social marketing research found that the government issued Choice condoms were losing their appeal among young people. The Society for Family Health (SFH) played a key role in conducting the research in order to produce condoms that all South Africans, especially young people, will find enjoyable to use.

Where to find Max condoms

Max condoms are distributed across the country by the national Department of Health and are available at health facilities, universities and colleges, workplaces and many other public spaces. The SFH will also be making these condoms available in non-traditional outlets such as spaza shops, hair salons, taverns and shebeens.

According to the SA Institute of Race Relations (SAIRR) 2013 report, the Western Cape had the highest rate of condom distribution (46 per 1 adult male) in the country, which was more than double the amount of the next highest province.

In 2015, the government supplied more than 800 million condoms, and for the year ahead, the quantity has been raised to 1 billion. 

Find your nearest health facility here or visit a reproductive health facility.

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