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Cape Access brings information, skills and opportunity to Kranshoek

Kranshoek has a population of roughly 5 600 citizens. As in many other rural communities, the need to become computer literate and have access to Information and communication technology (ICT) has steadily increased. Recognising this need, the Cape Access Programme opened the Kranshoek e-Centre on 6 April 2015. 

For the last 5 years, the e-Centre has accommodated up to 50 visitors a day. The e-Centre is managed by the development manager, centre manager and a Premier’s Advancement of Youth (PAY) Project intern.

The e-Centre offers the following services and training at no cost:


  • Internet access (45 minutes a session).
  • E-mail facilities.
  • Help setting up e-mail accounts.
  • Assistance with online job searches and applications.
  • Computer assistance.
  • Free printing (maximum of 10 pages a day).
  • Assistance with typing of CVs, business plans and obituaries.
  • Research information for school, college and university projects.


  • e-Learner: entry-level accredited certificate.
  • International Computer Driving Licence (ICDL): seven-month accredited course.
  • Informal Computer training.

The e-Centre performs an important development function in the community. The development manager, Cecil Jansen, says that the e-Centre is helping to provide and grow e-skills starting with the younger kids. “We have been helping school kids with school projects and research. We also have Early Childhood Development (ECD) programmes,” Jansen said.

With guidance from the staff, many of the visitors to the e-Centre gained the computer skills needed in this technological era. One such person whose life has been enriched is the e-centre's very own centre manager, Taman Jasson.

Jasson enrolled for e-learner training and completed it successfully. Upon completion of the training 2 positions opened at the e-Centre and with her newly gained knowledge and skills Jasson decided to apply. She was appointed as development manager and 2 years later she  applied successfully for the centre manager position. 

“The staff are committed and dedicated to helping and assisting the community to enable personal growth and allowing the community to access and gain computer knowledge. "Better jobs, better grades in school, better opportunities overall are what we want for our community,” Jansen added.

Visit the e-Centre at the Multipurpose Building in Trekker Road. The e-Centre is open from 9 am until 5 pm on Mondays to Thursdays and from 9 am until 4 pm on Fridays. The e-Centre is closed on public holidays.

Contact the e-Centre:
Tel: 044 533 0584

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