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Bid Received Register (Health)

(Western Cape Government)

The Department of Health provides you with up to date and relevant information on bids received.

Bid Received Register (Health)

Bid WCGHCC134/2021: Supply and delivery of comfort packs

Bid GSH6/2022: One (1) complete 128 channel Digital Electroencephalography (EEG) video system at Groote Schuur Hospital

Bid GSHPT131/2022: Supply & delivery of an estimated 40 Transcatheter Aortic Heart Valves (TAVI)

Bid TBH 218/2021: Three (3) Liquid Nitrogen Cryoline CF cabinet batch freezers

Bid WCGHCC0032/2021:  Supply and delivery of miscellaneous surgical requirements

Bid WCGHIS003/2021: Servicing of standby generators

Bid WCGHSC0307/2021: Office furniture and public seating

Bid WCGHSC0317/2021: Cleaning Services

Bid WCGHCC125/2021: For the supply of Needles and Syringes

Bid GSH/R/18/2021: 12 cold room, fridge/freezer combinations, cold room/blast chiller combinations, stainless steel shelves, racking systems, trolleys and storage baskets, food trolleys complete with new pans, as per the specification for the kitchen at Groote Schuur Hospital 

Bid GSH13/2021: Fully functional Positron Emission Tomography/Computed Tomography (PET/CT) facility, including PET-CT Scanner and Radiopharmacy equipment

Bid TBH 215/2021: Fifty (50) X Forty (40) tray food services transport trolleys single walled for Tygerberg Hospital

Bid GSHPT99/2021: Fire Bid (Edwards EST)

Bid WCGHSC0298/2021: Gardening service

Bid GSH/R 9/2021: Cardiovascular System

Bid GSH16/2021: 5 x High Weight Tilt Breast Boards

Bid GSH18/2021: Cold room for the kitchen at Groote Schuur Hospital

Bid GSHPT98/2021: Fire Bid (Ziton)

Bid GSH/R/7/2021: One (1) complete Neurosurgery Operating Microscope for use in D16 Neuro theatre at Groote Schuur Hospital

Bid WCGHSC00308/2021: Pharmacovigilance

Bid TBH 303/2021: Supply and delivery of frozen chicken products to Tygerberg Hospital

Bid TBH 304/2021: Supply and delivery of fresh meat products for Tygerberg Hospital

Bid TBH 306/2021: Supply and delivery of annual fruits for Tygerberg Hospital

Bid TBH509/2021: Placement of seventeen (17) Blood Gas Analysers

Bid WCGHCC126/2021: Thirteen (13) quantitative fit testing devices for respirators

Bid WCGHGC0304/2021: Multi-mode torches for Emergency Medical Services

Bid WCGHIS009/2021: Electricity Smart Meters

Bid WCGHSC0249/2019: Consolidated Leadership Development Service

Bid WCGHSL00299/2021: Emergency Care and Transport Services

Bid WCGHSC0312/2021: Cleaning & sanitary service, health warehouse

Bid WCGHSC0315/2021: Supply of Photocopy paper

Bid WCGHSL00302/2021: KTU

Bid GSH12/2021: Twelve slit lamp including removal of existing slit lamp for eye clinic OPD and Ward D4 in new Hospital at Groote Schuur Hospital

Bid GSH17/2021: Supply & Delivery Of 1 x Energy X – Ray Bone Densitometer

Bid GSHPT62/2021: Placement of 2 Phacoemulsification machines and supply of consumables

Bid GSHPT63/2021: Placement of 2 Ophthalmologocal machines and supply of consumables

Bid GSHPT137/2021: Supply and delivery of non-perishable food items to Groote Schuur Hospital

Bid GSHPT141/2021: Suction liners for Groote Schuur Hospital over three year period

Bid TBH210/2021: Fifteen (15) bedpan washer disinfectors with accessories for various wards at Tygerberg Hospital.

Bid WCGHSC0291/2021: Cleaning services at George Hospital

Bid WCGHCC009/2021: Arts, crafts and educational games for Occupational Therapy

Bid WCGHCC102/2021: QTOF

Bid WCGHIS001/2019: Management Contractor

Bid WCGHSC0286/2020: Removal, transport and storage of deceased patients as well as infectious disease deceased patients

Bid TBH206/2021: Dual head gamma camera (SPECT)/multislice computed tomography (CT) system for Tygerberg Hospital

Bid TBH208/2021: Diode Laser with laser indirect ophtalmology (LIO) for Tygerberg Hospital

Bid WCGHCC118/2020: Renal Dialysis

Bid WCGHIS002/2021: Supply, delivery, monitoring, evaluation and reporting of smart meters

Bid WCGHSC0203/1/2021: Supply and delivery of clothing and uniforms

Bid WCGHSC0306/2021: Self- adhesive pharmaceutical labels

Bid GSHPT8/2021: Coal Bid

Bid GSHPT/R/4/2021: General ward AIDE (porters) services to GSH

Bid TBH 205/2021: Four (4) battery driven drill/saw systems for orthopaedic surgery at Tygerberg Hospital

Bid WCGHCC110/2021: Supply of medicine and vaccine refrigerators and freezers

Bid WCGHCO07/1/2021: Supply and delivery of compression therapy consumables

Bid WCGHSC0287/2021: COVID-19 Deep cleaning

Bid CHTRV02/2021: Silver Nanocrystiline wound dressings

Bid GSHPT140/2021: Supply & Delivery Of Suction Tubing

Bid GSH10/2021: Requirement for a Digital Mammography Unit

Bid GSH11/2021: Dual Head Gamma Camera (SPEC) / Helical multislice computer tomography scanner (CT) system for nuclear medicine at GSH

Bid RCCH06/2021: 3T MRI unit with chiller, injector pump, and associated software

Bid RCCH09/2021: Cleaning service of external window/glass surfaces, frames, ledges and tinted armour plates

Bid RCCH11/2021: Supply, delivery, placement, and servicing of 300 sanitary bins

Bid TBH501/2021: Perfusion and cardiothoracic surgery requirements

Bid TBH508/2021: Nuclear Medicine Radiopharmaceutical consumables

Bid WCGHSC0012/2021: Catering service to Harry Comay Hospital

Bid WCGHSC0096/2021: Catering service to Eerste River Hospital 

Bid GSH7/2021: Neurosurgery operating microscope for Groote Schuur Hospital

Bid GSH8/2021: Hysteroscopic tissue removal system

Bid GSHPT45/2021: Cleaning service for Groote Schuur Hospital

Bid WCGHCC119/2021: Temperature monitoring devices

Bid WCGHSC 0188/1/2021: Occupational health and safety training

Bid WCGH SC0292/2021: Cleaning services at Eastern, Southern & Malmesbury

Bid TBH 506/2021: Supply, delivery and rental of three (3) waste bins as well as the removal of waste from selected areas at Tygerberg Hospital 

Bid TBH 302/2021: Fresh vegetable products for the food services department at Tygerberg Hospital

Bid TBH 301/2021: Frozen vegetable products for the food services department at Tygerberg Hospital

Bid WCGHCC111/2021: Intermediate life support medical bag and advanced life support medical bag

Bid WCGHSC0294/2021: cleaning service, Tygerberg central laundry

Bid GSHPT/R/2/2020:  Supply & delivery of milk powder full fat cow milk instant spray dried to Groote Schuur Hospital

Bid TBH 203/2021: Radio TLC scanner with software and sources at Tygerberg Hospital

Bid GSHPT134/2021: Linen

Bid RCCH07/2021: ENT Microscope

Bid RCCH08/2021: Removal of wet waste and recycling of waste

Bid WCGHCC086/2020: Supply and delivery of miscellaneous surgical requirements

Bid WCGHCC108/2021: Dissection instruments for FPS

Bid WCGHCC116/2021: Injection simulators and postpartum episiotomy suture trainers

Bid GSH5/2021: Supply and delivery of sterilization disposable medical foam tip on stick to be used in CSSD Department at Groote Schuur Hospital

Bid GSHPT129/2020: Requirement for supply and delivery of plastic cutlery and cups at Groote Schuur Hospital

Bid RCCH04/2021: Two cartridge based bloodgas analysers with co-oximetry and additional parameters

Bid RCCH05/2021: One cartridge/cassette bloodgas analyser with cartridge consumables

Bid TBH503/2021: Injector pumps

Bid TBH504/2021: Cleaning of ventilation air grills at Tygerberg Hospital

Bid WCGHCC021/2020: Endoscopic

Bid WCGHCC004/1/2020: GIT supplementary

Bid WCGHCC099/2020: Mortuary consumables, FPS

Bid WCGHCC109/2021: Supply and delivery of theatre consumables to all institutions

Bid WCGHCC113/2021: Laboratory consumables and chemicals for Forensic Pathology Service

Bid WCGHCC0114/2021: Incubators including spares and accessories convenience contract for emergency medical services (EMS)

Bid WCGHSC0090/1/2021: Health care risk waste handling service for WCG

Bid WCGHSC0268/2020: Hygiene service at George Hospital

Bid WCGHSC0282/2020: Cleaning service at Valkenberg Hospital

Bid WCGHSC0288/2021: Pest Control Services within the Theewaterskloof Sub-District

Bid WCGHSC0289/2021: Gardening services with the Theewaterskloof Sub-District

Bid WCGHSC0296/2021: Sale of unserviceable, obsolete laundry equipment at Tygerberg laundry

Bid WCGHSC0215/2/2021: Student transport services for Western Cape College of  Nursing, multi campuses

Bid WCGHCC107/2020: LED procedure lights for new Forensic Pathology Service

Bid GSH6/2021: Robotic surgical system for use at Groote Schuur Hospital

Bid GSHPT64/2021: Supply and delivery of Human Donor Corneas & Glycerol Preserved Grafts

Bid WCGHIS001/2021: Servicing of hospital standby generators

Bid GSHPT136/2021: 400 sanitary bins including sanitary service to be provided to Groote Schuur Hospital

Bid TBH516/2021R: Supply and delivery of customised disposable procedure kits Tygerberg Hospital

Bid CHTRV05/2020: Two digital x-ray units with 50kw or higher generator

Bid GSHPT2/2020: Milk powder full fat cow milk instant spray dried to Groote Schuur Hospital (no blends or creamers e.g.: coffee creamers, cremora etc.).

Bid GSHPT91/2021: Placement of 80 Calf Compressor Devices and supply of consumables

Bid WCGHSC0285/2020: Gardening & maintenance grounds service at Valkenberg Hospital

Bid WCGHSC0300/2021 - Emergency cleaning services COVID-19

Bid GSHPT4/2021: General ward aid services (portering) for Groote Schuur Hospital

Bid GSH4 /2021: One (1) complete ceiling mounted operating microscope for D8 at Groote Schuur Hospital. 

Bid WCGHSC0262/1/2021: Cleaning services at Victoria Hospital

Bid GSH/R/PT22/2020: Removal of bodies

Bid TBH 523/2020: 93 calf compression devices and the supply of consumables for DVT Prophylaxis at Tygerberg Hospital

Bid TBH 512/2020: Removal, transportation and storage of bodies of deceased patients at Tygerberg Hospital

Bid TBH 518/2020: Cleaning service to Tygerberg Hospital

Bid GSH256/2020: Defibrators x110

Bid GSH3/2021: Ultrasound Machine x1

Bid WCGHIS001/2020: TC Newman Community Day Centre (CDC) – Replacement of Chillers

Bid WCGHCC0104/2020: Biosafety Cabinets, FPS

Bid GSHPT70/2021: Maintenance agreement for Cardiac X-Ray System (Infinix)

Bid WCGHSC0275/2020: Cleaning services 

Bid WCGHSC0246/2020: Cremation and burial services of pauper and destitute decedents 

Bid WCGHSC0269/2020: Cleaning Service Vredenburg Hospital

WCGHSC0031/2021: Catering service to DP Marais Hospital for a three-year period

WCGHSC0032/2021: Catering service to Mitchells Plain Hospital for a three-year period

Bid WCGHCC105/2020: Mobile C-arm fluoroscopy radiographic units integrated with PACS RIS

Bid WCGHCC106/2020: Supply, delivery & installation of a machine

Bid GSH1/2021: Bronchoscopy System

Bid WCGHCL019/2020: Supply and delivery of human allograft tissues

Bid WCGH SC 0244/2020: Cleaning Services at Vanguard and Vanguard CHC

Bid WCGHSC0278/2020: Cleaning services at Worcester Hospital

Bid WCGH SC 0272/2020: Cleaning services at Tygerberg Oral Health Centre

Bid GSH/R/244/2020: Reverse Osmosis Plant x1

Bid GSH255/2020: Aerosol Generating & Delivery System x1

Bid WCGHCC053/2019: Temperature monitoring devices

Bid GSHPT133/2021: Two Compact Reach Trucks for storage and retrieval of goods

Bid GSH257/2020: Supply and delivery of one mobile x-ray machine for Groote Schuur Hospital

Bid WCGHSC 0090/1/2019 : Rendering of Health Care Risk Waste handling services

Bid WCGHSC0095/2020: Provision of bread products to institutions within the department of health

Bid WCGHSC0240/2020: Verification and forensic

Bid WCGHCC015/2020: Dialysis

Bid WCGHCC092/2020: Ultrasound

Bid WCGHCC093/2020: Furnishing of dental surgeries with dental equipment

Bid WCGHCC094/2020: Mobile x-ray imaging unit for Worcester Hospital

Bid WCGHSC0203/2019: Supply and delivery of clothing and uniforms

Bid WCGHSC0274/2020: Installation of Audio-Visual Equipment for Multi Campuses

Bid GSH244/2020: Reverse Osmosis Plant

Bid GSHPT47/2020: General staff workers for the food services at Groote Schuur Hospital

Bid GSHPT119/2020: Radiation Shield Lead-Free Apron for  Groote Schuur Hospital 

Bid RCCH18/2020: One cartridge/cassette bloodgas analyser for RCWMCH

Bid TBH 309/2020: Various chicken products for Tygerberg Hospital

Bid TBH 310/2020: Fresh meat products for Tygerberg Hospital

Bid TBH 503/2020: Service, repair, inspection, re-certification where required of autoclaves

Bid TBH 512/2020: Removal, transportation and storage of bodies of deceased patients at Tygerberg Hospital

Bid WCGHCC095/2020: electrically operated theatre table for Mitchell's Plain Hospital and Khayelitsha Hospital

Bid WCGHCC096/2020: Camera STAC

Bid WCGHCC098/2020: Fridges, freezers and ultra-low temperature (ULT) freezers

Bid WCGHCC042/2/2020: Supply and delivery of intravenous consumables

Bid WCGHSC 0205/1/2020: Supply, delivery, installation and maintenance of CCTV camera systems 

Bid WCGHSC0279/2020: Facility management services required by Brackengate Field Hospital

Bid GSHPT20/2020: Removal of bodies

Bid GSHPT245/2020: Pulmonary function testing system at Groote Schuur Hospital

Bid GSHPT246/2020: Cardiopulmonary exercise testing system at Groote Schuur Hospital

Bid RCCH17/2020: Advanced colour doppler echocardiography machine

Bid TBH 308/2020: Fruit products for Tygerberg Hospital

Bid TBH 311/2020: Frozen fish products

Bid TBH 501/2020: Reusable gowns, drapes, trolley covers and minor procedure kits for Tygerberg Hospital

Bid TBH 516/2020: Customised disposable procedure kits to Tygerberg Hospital

Bid WCGHCC067/2019 : Supply and Delivery of Orthopaedic Implants

Bid WCGHCO07/2019: Supply and delivery of Compression Therapy consumables

Bid WCGHSC0243/2020: Cleaning services at Orthotic and Prosthetic Centre

Bid WCGHSC0181/3/2020: Gardening services at Stikland Hospital

Bid WCGHGC0270/2020:  Infection control products - Emergency Medical Services

Bid WCGHCC048/2/2020: Comfort packs to district & sub-structure offices

Bid WCGHCC084/2020: Intermediate life support medical bag and advanced life support medical bag

Bid WCGH SC0262/2020: Cleaning services at Victoria Hospital

Bid WCGHSC 0276/2020: Laundry service for Covid and non-Covid laundry for Tygerberg and Lentegeur laundries. 

Bid GSHPT108/2019: Chronic Haemodialysis Service at Vredenburg Provincial Hospital

Bid GSHPT129/2020: Supply and delivery of Plastic cutlery and cups for Groote Schuur Hospital. 

Bid TBH 509/2020: Linen service and the operation of the linen rooms at Tygerberg Hospital

Bid WCGHGC0265/2020 - Cleaning and hygiene service for Bellville Health Park, M4, M9

Bid WCGHSC0239/2020: Cleaning service

Bid WCGHCC089/2020: ICU transport ventilators with protective carrying bag accessories including consumables.

Bid WCGHSC0258/2020: Body worn camera​

Bid WCGHGC0232/2020: Laundry equipment Tygerberg laundry

Bid WCGHSC0237/2020: Rendering pest control

Bid WCGHGC0270/2020: Infection control products - emergency medical services

Bid WCGHSC0238/2020: Gardening services

Bid RCCH12/2020: Two bloodgas analysers with co-oximetry additional parameters and consumables

Bid RCCH08/2020: Supply and delivery of frozen chicken and frozen fish products

Bid WCGHSC0188/2019: Telephonic interpretation

Bid WCGHCC052/2019: Specialised medicine and vaccine refrigerators/freezers

Bid GSHPT 124/2020: Supply and delivery of self seal sterilization pouch with gusset for gas sterilization to be used at Groote Schuur Hospital.

Bid GSHPT114/2019: Supply & delivery of hospital folders to the stationery stores at Groote Schuur Hospital and Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital.

Bid WCGHSC 0266/2020: Clinical service to appropriately referred patients requiring trimester two surgical termination of pregnancy (t2 top).

Bid RCCH02/2020: Digital C-Arm Fluoroscopy Radiographic at RCWMCH

Bid GSHPT1/2019 : Placement Of 10 x Bloodgas analysers

Bid WCGHCO20/1/2020: The Supply and Delivery of Orthopaedic Braces

Bid GSHPT125/2020: Supply and delivery of suture material gortex to be used at Groote Schuur Hospital

Bid GSHPT131/2020: Transcatheter aortic heart valves x 60

Bid GSH240/2020: Theatre Lights x2

Bid WCGHSC 0205/2019: Supply, delivery, installation and maintenance of CCTV camera systems for WCG

Bid WCGHCC023/1/2020: Catheters, drainage bags and urological incontinence appliances

Bid TBH 504/2020: Waste compactor

Bid TBH 302/2020: Fresh meats

Bid GSH236/2020: Patient Monitors x16

Bid TBH 301/2020: Supply and delivery of annual fruit products for the food services

Bid TBH 304/2020: Supply and delivery of processed meat products for the food services

Bid TBH 305/2020: Supply and delivery of frozen for the food services

Bid TBH 306/2020: Supply and delivery of frozen vegetable products for the food services

Bid TBH 307/2020: Supply and delivery of fresh vegetable products for the food services

Bid RCCH07/2020: Optometric services and optometric consumables

Bid TBH 507/2020: Cochlear Implant System 

Bid TBH 506/2020: Mattresses

Bid TBH 303/2020: Chicken for the food services department at Tygerberg Hospital 

Bid WCGHCC042/1/2019: Demonstration and commissioning of infusion pumps and compatible consumables

Bid GSH241/2020: C-Arm Systems x2

Bid GSHPT87/2020: Consumables for Tunnel Washer

Bid GSH/RPT80/2020: Neuronavigation System

Bid GSH236/2020: Patient Monitors x 38

Bid GSHPT126/2020: Placement of Enteral Feeding Pumps, Comprehensive Maintenance and supply & delivery of required consumables

Bid GSHPT123/2020: Halcyon Maintenance

Bid GSH235/2020: Upgrade of 30 Savina 300 Select ICU Ventilators

Bid GSH234/2020: Supply and delivery 70 Non-invasive Blood Pressure Monitors

Bid GSH237/2020: Theatre Panels, Pendants & Horizontal Service Panels

Bid GSHPT127/2020: Maintenance contract for one Digital Angiography Imaging System

Bid GSHPT42/2020: Lodox Maintenance

RCCH32/2019: Optometric services and optometric consumables for RCWMCH

Bid GSHPT92/2020: Supply and delivery of Disposable Dual Heated Ventilator Circuits

Bid GSH PT95/2020: Gelport Laparoscopic System and Wound Protector/Retractor

Bid GSH PT80/2020: Rental and provision of Electromagnetic Neuronavigation System and supply of consumables

Bid GSH: PT65/2020: Placement of 2 Angiographic Cardiovascular Management Systems 

Bid WCGHSC0192/1/2020: Collection, recycling and refurbishment of E waste

Bid WCGHSC0188/2019 Occupational Health and Safety

Bid WCGHSC 0226/2019: Advertise vacant posts in the print and digital media (recruitment advertising services) 

Bid WCGHCC048/1/2019: Supply and delivery of comfort packs

Bid WCGHCC085/2020: Two Headspace Sampler and Gas Chromatographs

Bid WCGHSC0194/2019: Clinical Interface Terminological Mapping Service for three years

Bid WCGHSC 0229/2019: Service Provider for Basic and Post-Basic Pharmacist assistant training.

Bid WCGHSC 0201/2019: Supply of EMS uniforms & FPS uniforms

Bid GSH231/2019: Patient beds

Bid WCGHSC 0227/2019: Home Based Carers, Cook Assistants and Cleaners at Stikland Hospital, New Beginnings.

Bid WCGHSC 0202/2019: Cremation burial service of a pauper and destitute decedents

Bid RCCH09/2019: Low temperature Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilizer for RCWMCH

Bid WCGHSC0234/2019: Support and Maintenance of Video Conferencing Equipment at Various Sites

Bid TBH 210/2019: Fully Digital, Colour Doppler Ultrasound Unit for the use by the Surgical Gastroenterology

Bid GSHPT114/2019: Hospital folders for Groote Schuur Hospital and Red Cross Hospital

Bid WCGHCC055/2019: Renal Dialysis

Bid GSH223/2019: Rack Conveyer Plate Washer Disinfector

Bid CHTRV 2/2019: Power Banks

Bid RCCH28/2019: Colour Doppler Echocardiography Machine

Bid WCGHCC042/2018: Intravenous blood and administration sets, flow regulators, cannulae 

Bid TBH 511/2019: Sixteen (16) Cochlear Implant Systems

Bid WCGHSC0230/2019: Cleaning services at Brooklyn Chest Hospital

Bid WCGHSC0199/2019: Cleaning

Bid WCGHCC078/2019: Patient Trolleys (Treatment, Resuscitation and Recovery): Helderberg Hospital

Bid WCGHIS005/2019: Pressure vessels

Bid WCGHCC051/2019: Furnishing of Dental Surgeries with Dental Equipment

Bid WCGHCC062/2019: Products for The Management of Acute Chronic Wounds

Bid WCGHSC0224/2019: Pest Control, Hygiene and Cleaning Services - Observatory Forensic Pathology Institute

Bid WCGHSC0228/2019: Cleaning services at Eerste River District Hospital

Bid GSHPT57/2019: Fresh fruit and fresh vegetable at Groote Schuur Hospital 

Bid WCGHSC0197/2019: Cleaning

Bid WCGHSC 0215/2019: Student transport services for western cape college of nursing, multi campuses

Bid GSHPT97/2018 CHTRV8: Craniomaxillofacial plating systems

Bid GSHPT106/2018: Pharmaceutical products

Bid WCGHSC00212/2019:  Nursing Agency

Bid GSHPT53/2018: Supply & Delivery of Transducer

Bid WCGHSC0216/1/2019: Bespoke Web-Based applications for a three (3) year period

Bid WCGHCC074/2019: Two neonatal/paediatric intensive care ventilators New Somerset Hospital

Bid WCGHCC073/2019: Two high care ventilators for use in New Somerset Hospital

Bid: GSHPT111/2019: supply, delivery of an afterhours transport services for transportation of staff, patients and specimens on an ad hoc basis.

Bid GSHPT113/2019: Supply and delivery of frozen vegetable at Groote Schuur Hospital

Bid GSH219: Dual head gamma camera with spect capability for use by the nuclear medicine division at GSH.

Bid WCGHIS001/2019: Management contracts for the provision of infrastructure

Bid WCGHIS002/2019: Framework agreement for maintenance of health facilities

Bid GSHPT104/2019: Repairing rigid endoscopes at clinical engineering department at GSH

Bid WCGHCC071/2019: Transport incubator for emergency medical services.

Bid GSH213/2019: Supply, delivery, installation, demonstration of a Digital Fluoroscopic Screening Unit

Bid RCCH29/2019: Cardiovascular software to Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital

Bid GSHPT58/2019: Supply and delivery of poultry product (chicken thigh and Chicken Breast) at Groote Schuur Hospital.

Bid GSH56/2019: Supply and delivery of beef goulash, beef mince and beef sausage at Groote Schuur Hospital

Bid WCGHSC0006/2019: Catering service at Khayelitsha for a three-year period

Bid WCGHSC0225/2019: Cleaning services at Mitchells Plain Hospital

Bid WCGHCC072/2019: Phacoemulsification System for Eerste River Hospital

Bid GSHPT45/2019: Comprehensive cleaning service 

Bid WCGHSC0219/2019: Cleaning Services for Harry Comay, Uniondale Hospitals and Clinics

Bid WCGHSC0192/2019: Collection, recycling and refurbishment of waste

Bid WCGHSC0113/2019: Catering and Kiosk Service at WCCN Athlone Branch

Bid WCGHSC0112/2019: Catering and Cleaning Service at WCCN Worcester

Bid WCGHSC0206/2019: Management Admin System (MAS) to the five (Nursing and EMS) campuses in the Western Cape

Bid WCGHCC070/2019: Retrofit of X-Ray Room with Flat Panel Detectors: Worcester Hospital

Bid WCGHSC0098/2019: Non-perishable grocery items for a three-year period

Bid WCGHCC069/2019: ENT Surgical Microscope for Paarl Provincial Hospital

Bid WCGHSC0217/2019: Stationery items

Bid RCCH17/2019: State of the art digital bi-plane cardiac catheterization system

Bid GSH209/2019: Operating Microscope. 

Bid GSH:PT69/2019: Rigid Gaspermeable and Soft Contact lenses including plungers with multipurpose solutions.

Bid WCGHSC0198/2019: Cleaning at Lentegeur Laundry   

Bid GSHPT108/2019: Chronic Haemodialysis Service

Bid GSH207/2019: Mini Mobile C-Arm

Bid GSH202/2019: Ceiling Mounted Microscope

Bid WCGHCC065/2019: Ophthalmology Consumables

Bid WCGHCC066/2019: 4 X Ray Systems for Use in Various Radiology Departments

Bid GSH: PT100/2019: Supply and delivery of Electrocardiograph and Stress Exercise (ECG) Paper.

Bid WCGHCO08/2018 - Supply and Delivery of Assistive Devices

Bid GSH: PT16/2019 – Isotopes​

Bid RCCH23/2019: Supply and Delivery of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Bid RCCH03/2019: Provisioning of a Cleaning Service

Bid RCCH26/2019: Colour Doppler Ultrasound Machine

Bid WCGHSC0165/1/2019: Modernisation Furniture 

Bid WCGHSC0218/2019 : Cleaning services at False Bay Hospital

Bid WCGHSC0171/2018: Laundry

Bid WCGHCO20/2019: Orthopaedic Braces

Bid RCCH19/2019: Frozen vegetables

Bid WCGHSC0211/2019: Cleaning

Bid WCGHCC063/2019: Gynaecological camera system for Karl Bremer hospital

Bid GSH: PT105/2019 – PABX telephone system

Bid WCGHGC0180/2019: Toilet Paper, Plastic Bags, Aprons, Cleaning Materials And Laundry Chemicals

Bid WCGH SC 070/1/2019: Cleaning services at New Somerset Hospital

Bid TBH 502/2019: Customised procedure kits

Bid WCGHIS001/2018: TC Newman Community Day Centre (CDC) - replacement of chillers​

Bid WCGHSC0207/2019: Rendering of a comprehensive cleaning service at Paarl Hospital

Bid TBH 501/2019: reusable gowns, -trolley covers and –drapes

Bid WCGH SC 0181/1/2019: Gardening services at Stikland Hospital.

Bid WCGHSC 0102/2/2019: Debt collect service in respect of claims 

Bid TBH 505/2019: Advanced digital orthopaedic surgical theatre(s)

Bid WCGHSC0195/2019: Supply of labels, ribbons and boxes 

Bid GSHPT48/2018: Placement of a dedicated cardioplegra delivery pump. 

Bid WCGHSC0183/2018: Training in palliative care

Bid TBH 510/2018: Placement of two (2) anterior and two (2) posterior phaco emulsification systems

Bid WCGHSC 0169/2019 : Training for health care professionals (HIV/AIDS),(TB)(STI) and (PMTCT). 

Bid WCGHCO19/2018: Prosthetic components to the orthotic and prosthetic centre

Bid WCGHSC0160/2018: Laundry service for institutions in the Garden Route District  

Bid GSHPT26/2018: Alternating Pressure Relieving Mattresses

Bid GSH: PT52/2018: Prefilled Humidifier Sterile Water Bottles

Bid GSHPT93/2018: Placement of 2 ECMO Machines and supply of consumables

Bid WCGHSC0186/2019: Supply of photocopy paper

Bid WCGHSC 0087/2/2019: Provision of microsoft training

WCGHSC0177/2018: Supply, Installation and maintenance of VC mobile trolleys.

Bid WCGHSC0114/1/2018: Integrated Facilities Management Services at Western Cape Rehab Centre and Lentegeur Hospital 

Bid CHTRV 7/2018: Autoclave Maintenance

Bid WCGHCC040/2018 : Examination and surgical disposable gloves

Bid GSHPT25/2018: Removal of waste

Bid WCGHCC032/2018: Ophthalmology consumables

Bid WCDOH12/2018: Supply and delivery of suture and ligatures appliances and accessories

Bid TBH 507/2018: Cochlear implant systems

Bid TBH 502/2018: Spectacles, lenses and provision of optometric support

Bid WCGHSC0181/2018 : Gardening services at Stikland Hospital

Bid GSH6/2018: Defibrillators

Bid GSHPT25/2018 : Removal of waste

Bid WCGHCC030/2/2018: Supplementary Bid for Diagnostic Kits

Bid WCGHCC004/2017: GIT

Bid WCGHSC0163/2018: Aero-Medical Service - Ems for Five (5) Year Period

Bid WCGHCO09/2018: Casting and splinting consumables

Bid WCGHSC0172/2018: Rendering of a comprehensive cleaning service to Stikland Hospital

Bid RCCH08/2018: Retrofit of Flat Panel Detectors into X-Ray Rooms at Red Cross Hospital

Bid RCCH07/2018: Neuronavigation System for Neurosurgery Theatre at To Red Cross Hospital

Bid WCGHSC0109/2017: Supply, Print and Delivery of Patient Records

Bid WCGHSC0176/2018 : Cleaning service at DP Marias Hospital 

Bid GSH: PT63/2018: Placement of 2 Opthalmological Machines and  supply of all consumables

Bid GSH: PT62/2018: Placement of 2 Phacoemulsification Machines and  supply of all consumables

Bid WCGHSC0173/2018: Cleaning Service to Paarl Hospital                                  

Bid TBH 213/2018: 16 x  Physiologic Monitoring Systems            

Bid RCCH04/2018 : Frozen Chicken and Frozen Fish Products to Red Cross Hospital  

Bid WCGHSC0165/2018: The Supply Office Furniture for a Three (3) Year Period

Bid WCGHCC009/2018: Arts, Crafts and Educational Games for Occupational Therapy

Bid TBH 211/2018 : Dishwashing Machine

Bid GSH: 4/2018: Supply of 1 X Surgical Co2 Laser System.

Bid WCGHSC0096/2018 : Catering Service at Eerste River Hospital


Bid WCGHSC0095/1/2018:  Supplementary contract of Bread Products for Regions 2 & 4.

Bid WCGHSC 0146/1/2018: Telephonic Interpretation Service

Bid GSHPT14/2018 : CT Scanner

Bid WCGHCCO31/2018 : Rendering, Manufacturing, Repairing, Fitting and Supplying of Aids for Orthotic and Prosthetic Services.

Bid WCGH SC 0162/2018 : Cleaning service at Mitchells Plain Hospital

Bid WCGHCC030/2018 : Off Site Comprehensive CT Scan - George Hospital

Bid WCGHSC0152/2018: Pharmacovigilance

Bid RCCH06/2018 : Digital Mobile Radiographic Unit for use by the Radiology Department at Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital

Bid TBH 501/2018: Placement of Injector Pump and Supply  and Supply and Delivery of Consumables   

Bid WCGH SC 0101/1/2018: Cleaning services at George Hospital

Bid TBH 207/2018: Sixteen Physiologic Monitoring Systems for TBH

Bid TBH 203/2018: Electro-Spinal Mobile Operating Table for TBH.

Bid WCGHSC0150/2018: Cleaning service at Valkenberg Hospital for three year period

Bid WCGHSC0154/2018: Locums

Bid WCDOH39/1/2018: Supply and Delivery of Anaesthetic Requirements

Bid WCGHGC0159/2018: Supply of Laundry bags to all Hospitals 

Bid WCGHSC0097/2018 : Catering Service at Mowbray Maternity Hospital 

Bid  WCGHCC007/2017: Supply and Delivery of Diagnostic Sets

Bid WCGHSC0871/2018 : Microsoft Training

Bid GSHPT64/2018  Human Donor Corneas

Bid WCGHCC028/2018: Eye Care Service to RSD for a three year period.

Bid GSH 11/2017: Lung Function

Bid GSHPT91/22017: Placement of Seventy Calf Compressor Devices and Consumables.

Bid WCGHSC 0081/2018: Providing Nursing Agency Personnel for a two Year Period.

Bid WCGHSC0146/2018: Telephonic Interpretation Services

Bid GSHPT2/2018: Full Cream Milk Powder.

Bid WCGHSC0149/2018: Cleaning service at Swellendam District Hospital including Swellendam Clinic, Otto du Plessis District Hospital, Bredasdorp and Napier Clinics

Bid RCCH01/2018: Complete Closed Circuit Television System (CCTV) for Red Cross Hospital

Bid GSHPT 58/2018:  Supply and Delivery Poultry Products

Bid GSH92/2018 : Supply and Delivery of Disposable Dual Circuits

Bid WCGHCC027/2018: Supply and Delivery of Male Medical Circumcision Kits.

Bid WCGHSC0012/2018: Catering service at Harry Comay Hospital

Bid TBH 508/2017: Donor Beast Milk  

Bid TBH 514/2017: Perfusion and Cardiothoracic Requirements

Bid WCGHSC 0102/1/2018:  Debt Collection Service for the Department Of Health

Bid WCHGSC0148/2018: Cleaning services to various areas of Khayelitsha District Hospital/Facility

Bid WCGHSC0142/2018: Rendering of a comprehensive cleaning service within the Theewaterskloof Sub District

Bid TBH 505/2017: Service ,Repair and Recertification of Autoclaves

Bid WCGHSC0132/2018: Rendering of a Cleaning Service to Vredenburg Hospital

Bid WCGHSC 0119/1/2018: Training Provider for Management Development Programme for Health Managers.

Bid TBH 503/2017: The Rendering of a Cleaning Service at Tygerberg Hospital

Bid RCCH 16/2017: Frozen Vegetables

Bid WCGHSC0084/2017: Servicing of Hospital Standby Generators

Bid WCGHSC0083/2017: Boiler House Maintenance Work

Bid TBH 507/2017: Perfusion and Cardiothoracic Requirements to Groote Schuur-, Tygerberg- and Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital

Bid WCGHSC 0143/2018 : Supply ,Deliver and Servicing of Portable Toilets. 

Bid WCGHSC0138/2017: Rendering of gardening services within the Theewaterskloof Sub District

Bid TBH 510/2017: Supply and Delivery of Sixteen (16) Cochlear Implants to Tygerberg Hospital.

Bid RCCH21/2017: Circuit Television System (CCTV) at Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital

Bid WCGHGC 0144/2018: Waterless Hand Sanitisers

Bid WCGHSC 0090/ 2017 : Health Care Risk Waste Handling Services to WCG: Health

Bid WCGHCC014/2017: Rendering of Eye Care Service to the Rural District 

Bid WCGHCC030/1/2017: Diagnostic Kits to all Hospitals / Institutions 

Bid WCGHSC0029/2017: Clinical Skill

Bid WCGHSC0115/2017: Dispensing of Medicine 

Bid WCGHCC019/2017: Supply and Delivery of Gynaecology, Obstetric, Nursery and Infertility Consumables to All Hospitals/Institutions.

Bid GSH PT8/2017: Supply and Delivery of A – Grade Peas Type Coal to the Boiler House of Groote Schuur Hospital

Bid WCDG SC 0139/2017: Cleaning Service at Worcester Hospital ​

Bid WCGHSC 111/1/2017: Cleaning Service at Brooklyn Chest Hospital

Bid WCGHIS001/2017: Planning, Management of a Design and Construct Contracting Strategy for the New Medical Depot

Bid WCGHSC0032/2017: Catering Service at Mitchells Plain Hospital

Bid WCGHSC 0126/2017: Engaging Leadership Development Five-Day Short-Course Programme for Health Managers

Bid TBH 509/2017: Placement of 86 Calf Compression Devises

Bid WCGHSC0063/2/2017: Label’s Supplementary

Bid WCGHSC 0127/2017: Diversity Facilitator

Bid WCGHSC0095/2017: Provision of bread products to all Department of Health institutions

Bid WCGHSC 0116/2017: Clinical Training for Health Care Professionals In Hospitals and Speciality areas for Western Cape Government

Bid WCGHSC 0117/2017: Training Service Provider for Maternal Mental Health, Empathic Engagement and Coaching/Facilitation of Peer Group Discussions

Bid WCGHSC0120/2017: Provide Training for Basic and Post Basic Pharmacist assistant

Bid WCDOH 40/2/2017: Supply and delivery of renal dialysis requirements

Bid WCGHCCO24/2017: Ultrasound Unit for Use in Paarl Regional Hospital.

Bid GSH/R PT47/2017: General Staff Workers for the Catering Department

TBH 506/2017: Placement of 51 Enteral Nutrition Pumps and Supply of Consumables at Tygerberg Hospital 

Bid GSH10/2017: Microscope

Bid GSHPT2/2017: Full Cream Milk Powder

Bid WCGHSC 0074/2017: Higher Education Intermediate Icd-10 Coding, Advanced Icd-10 Coding And Basic Clinical Auditing.

Bid WCGHSC0130/2017: Pest control services within the Theewaterskloof Sub District

Bid GSH6/R/2017: Heart-lung Machine

Bid TBH 217/2017: One X-Ray Digital Radiography System for THB

Bid TBH 216/2017: One Treatment Planning Workstation at Tygerberg Hospital

Bid WCGHSC087/2017: Microsoft Training 

Bid WCGHSC 0118/2017: Proposals for an Intervention in Improving the Patient Waiting Experience

Bid RCCH09/2017: Placement agreement for Cartridge Bloodgas Analyser with consumables

Bid WCGHCC018/2017: Mammographic x ray Unit for George Hospital

Bid WCGHCC022/2017:   Digital General Bucky Room with Ceiling suspension for George Provincial Hospital.

Bid WCGHCC017/2017: A Next Generation Sequencer (Ngs) For Use in the Molecular Forensic Laboratory

Bid WCGHSC 0102/2017: Provision of a Debt Collection Service for the Department Of Health

Bid WCGHSC 0119/2017: Management Development Programme for Health Managers

Bid TBH 504/2017:  Supply and Delivery of Water Bottles and the Supply, Delivery and Commissioning Of Water Coolers on a Placement Agreement

Bid WCGHSC0104/2017: Laundry and Linen Management Service at Worcester and Brewelskloof Hospitals and a Laundry Service at Robertson, Montagu and Ceres Hospitals​

Bid GSHPT21/2017 : Transport

Bid WCGHCCO12/2017: Bloodgas Analysers for Mitchell’s Plain, False Bay, Victoria Hospitals and Heideveld Community Health Clinic. 

Bid WCGHCC015/2017: Chronic Haemodialysis Service – George Hospital

Bid WCGHSC0110/1/2017 : Cleaning Service at Victoria Hospital 

Bid WCGHSC0105/2017: Hygiene Service to George Hospital 

Bid GSH6/2017: Heart-Lung Machine

Bid TBH 214/2017: Demonstration and Commissioning Of One Surgical Imaging Table for the Vascular Theatre 

Bid WCGHCC013/2017: Supply and Delivery of Anaesthetic Labels for Drug Syringes

Bid GSH: 5/2017: Supply Of 1 X Radiotherapy 3d Water Scanning System

Bid WCGHSC0031/2017: Catering Service at DP Marais Hospital

Bid GSH4/2017: Digital Angiography Imaging System

Bid GSHPT59/2017: Supply of Bread

Bid GSHPT59/2017: Supply of Beef, Vienna's & Polony French

Bid TBH 211/2017: Twenty (20) Electric 4-Section ICU Beds With Mattresses For Wards A1 West And A1 East At Tygerberg Hospital

Bid GSHPT58/2017: Chicken Thighs

Bid RCCH05/2017 : Thyroid Hormone Screening Test Kits ( THS Kits )

Bid  WCGHCC016/1/2017 : Supply and Delivery of Cardiovascular Surgery Consumables

Bid TBH 502/2017 : Linen Management

Bid WCGHSC0110/2017: Cleaning Service: Victoria Hospital 

Bid WCGHSC 0111/2017 :  Cleaning Service at the Metro Hospital Centre-Brooklyn Chest Hospital

Bid WCGHSC0085/2017 : Cleaning Service at Caledon Hospital

Bid WCGHSC0086/2017: Cleaning Service at Grabouw Day Centre

Bid WCGHSC0107/2017 : Provision Of Service for the Barcoding Project

Bid WCGHSC 0106/2017: Cleaning service at Eerste river district hospital

Bid WCGHSC 0103/2017: Cleaning service at Mowbray Maternity Hospital

WCGHCO09/1/2017: Casting and Splinting Consumables 

Bid GSH2/2017: Multispot Laser

Bid WCGH SC0069/1/2017: Cleaning Service at the Orthotic and Prosthetic Centre

Bid GSH1/2017: Anaesthesia Workstation for the Anaesthetics Department at Groote schuur hospital

Bid TBH 201/2017: Basic nasal cpap systems with humidifiers for a9 nicu and a9 picu at tygerberg hospital

Bid WCGHCO20/1/2017: Supply and delivery of orthopaedic requirements to all institutions. 

Bid WCGHCO07/1/2017:  Supply and delivery of compression therapy to all institutions

Bid WCGHSC0063/1/2017: Supply and Delivery of Labels and Ribbons

Bid WCGHSC0089/2017: Rendering of a garden and ground maintenance service to Khayelitsha District

Bid RCCH07/2017: Placement Agreement for Cartridge Bloodgas Analyser Machine and Consumables

Bid WCGHSC 0059/1/2017: Process and Collect Injury – On – Duty and Road Accident Fund Supplier Claims 

Bid WCGHSC0093/2017: Tetra Radios

Bid WCGHCC042/2017Supply and Delivery of Gynaecology, Obstetric, Nursery and Infertility Consumables 

Bid WCGH0007/2/2017: Cleaning Service for Oral Health Centres

Bid WCGHGC0075/2017: Toilet paper, plastic bags, plastic aprons and cleaning materials


Bid WCGHSC0076/2016: Stationery Items 

Bid GSHPT25/2016: Waste Removal

Bid GSHPT45/2016: Comprehensive Cleaning

WCGHSC 0082-2016: Verification and Forensic Checking Service for all Human Resource Management, Recruitment and Selection

TBH 522/2016: Cochlear Implant Systems 

TBH 521/2016: Extra Corporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy (ESWL) Treatment Service

Bid WCGHSC 0048/1/2016: Home Based Carers, Cook Assistants and Cleaners at Stikland Hospital

Bid TBH515/2016: Linen Management Service

Bid WCGHSC 0078/2016: Appoint Service Provider to Advertise Vacant Post in Print Media 

Bid RCCH19/2016: Optometric  Services 

Bid TBH512/2016: Waste Compacting and –Removal Service

Bid WCGHC036/2016: Community Based Services 

Bid TBH511/2016: Alternating Pressure Mattresses

Bid WCGHCC030/2016: Diagnostic Kits 

Bid WCDOH40/1/2016: Renal Dialysis

Bid RCCH22/2016: Cartridge/cassette blood gas analyser machine and cartridge consumables 

Bid RCCH21/2016: Provision of a Security Services at Red Cross Children’s Hospital

Bid RCCH16/2016: Removal of Wet Waste and Recycling of Waste at Red Cross Hospital 

Bid WCDOH67/2016: Orthopaedic Implants 

Bid WCDOH59/2016: Endoscopic and Laparscopic Procedures 

Bid RCCH17/2016: Commissioning of Autoclaves for Theatres 

Bid WCGHSC 0063/2016: Labels & Ribbons: Printers used by Clinicom: AR Billing & Primary Health Care Systems

Bid WCGHSC 0056/2016: Used X-ray Films & Recovery/Sale Spent Fixer Solution

Bid WCGHSC 0080/2016: General Service Inventory Management Project

Bid TBH218/2016: Patient Trolleys (Treatment, Resus and Recovery)

Bid WCGHCC040/2016: Temperature Monitoring Devices

Bid RCCH20/2016/2017: Bloodgas Analysers

Bid GSH6/2016: Washer Disinfector

Bid GSH4/2016: 2D Video Stack

Bid WCDOH20/1/2016: Sterilising Bags,Paper Products and Autoclave Indicators

Bid WCGHSC 0068/2016: Behavioural change strategy framework 

Bid WCGHSC0077/2016: Comprehensive cleaning service at Emergency Medical Service

Bid TBH216/2016: Microprocessor Controlled I.C. Ventilators

Bid WCGHCC016/2016: Cardiovascular Surgery Consumables

Bid TBH 509/2016: Bloodgas Analysers 

Bid GSHPT38/2016: Hand Disinfectant

Bid WCGHSC0022/2015: Chronic Dispensing Service for DOH

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