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What must we do to protect mom and baby during pregnancy?

Visit the antenatal clinic as soon as you know you are pregnant. Anything which can cause harm to the mom, can harm the unborn baby physically and mentally and must be avoided. Alcohol, smoking and ongoing stress experienced by the mother can affect the baby, because stress also affects the baby. Physical and emotional violence is very dangerous, and could lead to psychological damage or even a premature or stillbirth. A supportive family and friends can help ensure that mom has a healthy and peaceful pregnancy. The mental well-being of the mother deserves as much attention as the physical well-being.

What do new-born babies need?

New-born babies need physical and emotional safety and protection. They need their mother for cuddling and breastfeeding, a home safe from violence and abuse, regular monthly check-ups, including immunisations and plenty of love. 

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