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Cape Mental Health



1. Information sessions on general mental health conditions and services of the Cape Mental Health.

2. Assessment and counselling of people with difficulty coping with/ exhibiting mental health conditions eg, anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress symptoms.

3. Assessment and counselling of clients with mental health conditions and their families aimed at improving their functioning, ensuring adequate care and protection, developing insight and responsible self reliant behaviour.

4. Life skills training programme for people with mental  health conditions.

5. Carer support programme for parents aimed at equipping parents with knowledge and skills to respond appropriately to challenges and needs of mental health care users.

6. Mental Health Training Programme for service providers (role-players).

7. Schools Programmes - presentations and workshops to learners at designated schools aimed at increasing mental health awareness and healthy life choices, as well as awareness of available supporting resources.

8. Sexual Abuse Empowerment (SAVE) Programme to complainants with intellectual disability who have been sexually abused. Service includes:

  • Psychological assessment of each client's level  of intellectual functioning and ability to testify in court;
  • Providing client and family with counselling, court preparationand support before, during and after the court case as well as       counselling in cases where the case does not proceed;
  • Intense liaison and provision of training on intellectual disability with prosecutors, police, social workers and other NGOs.

Types of Disability: Intellectual Disability

Location: Observatory, Cape Town
Owned / Funded by / Endorsed by: (Western Cape Government)
Facility Category: Social Service Organisations (SSO)
Contact Information:
Street Address:

18 Ivy Street, Observary, Cape Town, 7935

General Enquiries:
Telephone: 021 447 9040
Contact Notes:

Contact person: Ingrid Daniels

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