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Land and Infrastructure

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It is the intention of this project to examine the Remote Sensing (RS) industry, in particular that which has relevance to the Western Cape and, more specifically, agriculture and precision agriculture.   From this, a report will be compiled containing...
The project is developing guidelines for the implementation of conservation farming practices to ensure sustainable resource utilisation.   For more information, contact: André Roux Tel: 021 808 5340 andrer@...
This project involves the development and management of a comprehensive, inclusive information database containing all the relevant LRAD agricultural information in the Western Cape.   The database will be linked to the Elsenburg geographic information...
Cape metro and surrounding irrigated agricultural regions are under constant threat of water shortages.   A close link exists between the rural economies and the urban economy through forward and backward linkages. It is not possible to make objective...
This is a study to optimise the use of existing water resources and infrastructure.   For more information, contact: André Roux Tel: 021 808 5340