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Dictionary: R

Definitions for government terms, listed alphabetically.
Rapid test - HIV test where the results are available 20 minutes after the test is performed.
Rate Payer's Association - Group of property owners who work together to ensure that property values and property-owners rights are protected within a community.
Rebate - When some money is returned to you after you have paid an amount that was owed.

For example, if you have paid too much tax, you will qualify for a rebate and a certain amount will be returned to you.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) - Comparing qualifications that are not registered in terms of the National Qualifications Framework with NQF qualifications to see whether they conform to the national standard. This allows a learner's previous training to be recognised under the NQF.

For more information visit the SAQA website.

Reconciliation - Restoring peace and harmony. Bringing two conflicting parties together to build friendly relations between them.
Refugee - A person who escapes to another country because of racial, religious or political persecution. They are legally allowed to stay in the country they flee to.
Regional services levy - The levy that businesses and employers need to pay to the local or district councils in which they operate.
Registrar - The person at the court who is responsible for setting dates for cases and who can provide you with any documents relating to the court proceedings.
Regulations - Detailed documents passed by parliament that set out how laws should be implemented.

For example, the Firearms Control Act says that you have to apply for a licence to own a firearm. The Regulations spell out exactly how you go about applying for that licence.

Rehabilitation - Process of restoring someone to good health through therapy.
Responsible gambling - Betting and gambling in a conscientious, level-headed way so as not to become addicted or get yourself into financial difficulty.
Restructuring - Changing the structure or systems within a business or organisation.
Retrenchment - Terminating workers' employment contracts in order to reduce the costs of running a business or organisation. The employees generally receive financial compensation.
Road Accident Fund (RAF) - A public fund that pays compensation to people who have been injured or killed in motor vehicle accidents.
Road to Health Chart - Record of a child's health from birth to five years old. Vaccinations, growth and development are recorded on the chart.
Roadworthy certificate - Proof that a vehicle has passed a roadworthiness inspection. The inspection checks that the vehicle is in a good condition and is fit to be on the road.
Rule of Law - A legal principle that states that everyone should be subject to the same laws. It requires the law to be clear and says that laws should be equally, fairly and consistently enforced.
Rural areas - Areas that are outside of cities and large towns, including agricultural areas. There are lower levels of services and infrastructure in these areas and people living here need to travel greater distances to the nearest service points.