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Dictionary: N

Definitions for government terms, listed alphabetically.
National Assembly (NA) - The legislative branch of government. It consists of 400 elected members of parliament who are responsible for making or changing the laws of the country.
National Food Legislation Advisory Group (FLAG) - Body that advises government around food legislation in South Africa.
National government - The ruling body in the country. It consists of legislative (parliament), executive (the executive council) and judicial (the courts) branches that are responsible for making, implementing and enforcing the law.
National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) - Government body responsible for managing and co-ordinating prosecutions across the country.
National Qualifications Framework (NQF) - National, 8 level framework of recognised qualifications. Everyone who passes an NQF accredited course is registered so that their qualifications can be nationally recognised.
Native species - Animal or plant species that occur naturally in a particular area.
Natural resource management - Process of ensuring that natural resources are used in a sustainable manner.
Negligence - Failure to be as careful as one should be; Not behaving as a reasonable person would behave.
Negotiation - A process of compromise aimed at resolving a dispute or reaching an agreement.
Neighbourhood Watch - Where people living near each other agree to share the responsibility of looking out for each other and each other's property.
Nkosi Sikilele Afrika - "God Bless Africa", this is the national anthem of South Africa and a number of other African countries.
Non credit linked housing subsidy - Housing subsidy that does not include a loan and therefore does not have to be repaid.
Non-profit organisations - Public benefit organisations that do not aim to make a profit.
NQF qualification - Nationally recognised qualification that meets the standards and requirements set by SAQA.
NQF unit standard - Statement setting out the intended outcomes of a course or training programme and what is required to pass. Every course that results in an NQF qualification is required to register a unit standard with SAQA, the NQF authority.
Ntsika - A government agency that is responsible for helping small businesses through training and support services.

To find out more, visit the Ntsika website.

Nuclear family - Immediate family who live in the same house. Usually consists of a father, a mother and their children.
Nutrition - Nourishment obtained from food which your body needs to stay healthy.