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Dictionary: G

Definitions for government terms, listed alphabetically.
Gabions - Hollow metal cylinders used to build dams and foundations.
General anaesthetic - Drug that causes you to lose consciousness and not experience pain.
General Education and Training (GET) - Level of education encompassing Grades R to 9. All NQF qualifications of a similar standard also fall under this category.
Genetic diversity - The variation of genes within a species. Genetic diversity allows species to adapt to changing conditions.
Geriatric - Aged person.
Gini index or Gini coefficient - A scale to measure income disparity, in other words the difference between what poor people earn and what rich people earn.

If everyone earns the same amount, the Gini Index is 0. If there is a big difference between what the poor earn and what the rich earn, then the Gini Index is close to 1.

The Gini Index in South Africa in 1998 was 0.69.

GITO Council (Government Information Technology Officers Council) - Senior government officials representing National departments and Provincial Governments who are collective responsible for guiding and directing e-government strategy.
Global warming - A rise in average temperatures across the world caused by the greenhouse effect.
Globalisation - When something is not limited to one country but affects many countries across the world. It can refer to culture, business or economics.
Good governance - An approved way of governing that includes accountability, responsibility, transparency, efficiency, effectiveness and respect for the rule of law.
Government Communication and Information Service (GCIS) - Government entity that is primarily responsible for communication between and providing information to government and the people.

For more information visit the GCIS website.

Grant - A monthly payment by the government to a poor person, similar to a pension. There are different kinds of grants for people who have different needs.
Grant-in-aid - A monthly grant for people who need full-time care. This grant is awarded only if you already have an old age, disability or war veterans' grant.
Green Paper - A draft policy document on a particular topic prepared by a government Department.
Gross Domestic Product (GDP) - An annual measure of the total national output, income and expenditure in the economy.
Gross National Product (GNP) - The yearly measure of the total goods and services produced in the country and the income received from overseas investments.
Guardian - The person who is legally responsible for a child. It can be the parent or another person appointed by the Court.