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Commissioner for Children
Christina Nomdo 

Commissioner Christina Nomdo was appointed as the Western Cape Commissioner for Children for a five-year term from 1 June 2020. Her mandate is to promote and protect the rights, needs, and interests of children in the Province. The Commissioner is an oversight mechanism for the Department of Education, Health, Social Development, as well as Cultural Affairs and Sport. Christina has worked professionally for over 30 years on issues affecting children's rights.

Christina holds a Masters degree from the University of Cape Town and a Bachelors degrees from the University of South Africa in Library and Information Sciences as well as the Arts (majoring in Child Psychology). Christina is passionate about children's participation in governance. 

The Commissioner's Background

Christina Nomdo was appointed by the President to the National Planning Commission from September 2015 for a 5 year term as the child rights specialist. She conceptualised and implemented the Children's National Development Plan (NDP) initiative which provided children in all 9 provinces to workshop with Commissioners their review of the NDP 2030.

During the pandemic, Commissioner Nomdo also produced a report on 'Reaching out to children in lockdown'. She conducted interviews with children via WhatsApp to understand their lived experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic. The report is available at the following link:

Npc Learning Brief: Reaching out to South African Children During Lockdown


Children's Commissioner Officer: Investigations and Advice
Tessa Goldschmidt 

Tessa Goldschmidt joined the Office of the Commissioner for Children on the 1 February 2021. Tessa provides administrative support to the Commissioner, is the liaison for the Child Government Monitors Initiative, and works alongside the Commissioner in communities listening to children, and parents, and making their voices heard in society. 

Tessa holds a Masters degree in Research Psychology and Bachelors degree (majoring in Psychology and Language and Communication Studies) from the University of the Western Cape. Her interests include child development and well-being, as well as nurturing parenting. 


Tessa's Background

Before joining the Office Tessa was involved in various research projects since her internship year (2018-2019) at the University of the Western Cape. These projects were largely focused on parenting and has resulted in a number of peer-reviewed publications, listed below.

Petersen, L., Goldschmidt, T. & Hashe, A. (in press). Communication across the developmental span in parent-child relationships from a human capability approach: A study of rural South Africa. In N. V. Roman, I. K. Sonn & E.L. Davids (Eds.), Child in Africa: Opportunities and Challenges. Nova Science Publications

Goldschmidt, T., Petersen, L., Booley, S. & Roman, N.V. (2021, in press). Perspectives of parental nurturance within the parent-child relationship in resource-constrained families. Child: Care, Health and Development.