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Firearms Control Act, 60 of 2000

(File type: pdf; size: 169.26 KB)No. 60 of 2000Department of Justice and Constitutional Development (National) (The Government of South Africa)
This Act regulates the possession of arms and ammunition and introduces stricter controls over the licensing of firearms.

Firearms Control Forms

All forms relating to firearms control can be downloaded in English and Afrikaans from the SAPS website.

Getting a Firearm Licence

​While it is a right to own a gun (firearm) in some countries, it is not a right in South Africa.

Regulations Applicable to Firearms Legislation

(File type: pdf; size: 75.09 KB)No. R 957 of 2003Secretariat of Safety and Security (The Government of South Africa)
When it comes to firearms, the devil is in the details. Read all the regulations applicable to firearm ownership.

Removal of a Firearm

The South African Police Service (SAPS) may remove a firearm under certain circumstances: If someone is in possession of a firearm without a licence, the SAPS may remove the firearm and bring a criminal charge against the person. If someone has a licence for a firearm but poses a danger, the SAPS can declare the person unfit to possess a firearm. Someone convicted of certain offences is deemed to be unfit to possess a firearm, and may not keep a firearm.