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Reporting Crime

No Excuse for Abuse

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This brochure contains information on rape, sexual assault, domestic violence and how to get help.

City of Cape Town Public Emergency Communication Centre

The City of Cape Town has introduced a single emergency toll-free number for residents living in its area.   When you phone the number on any land line, the emergency communication centre will be able to see:

Draft Victims Charter

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This proposed Charter lists the rights of victims during the criminal justice process and sets out how victims can exercise these rights in practice

Information and updates about the minibus taxi strike

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Receive information and updates about the minibus taxi strike which commenced on Thursday, 03 August 2023. 

Know who you can call in an emergency

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In an emergency every second counts and it could mean the difference between life and death. Currently, there’s no single emergency number in South Africa so it’s very important for you to have the correct contact details handy for a speedy response to your specific emergency.  

Protection from Domestic Abuse

If you're the victim of domestic relationship with, then you should apply for a protection order in terms of the Domestic Violence Act. A protection order has conditions, which limits the abuser's interaction with you. Should the abuser break these conditions then they can be arrested.

Reporting a Crime

Crime affects us all. You can turn the tide on crime if you report any criminal activity that you’re aware of. You can report it anonymously to the police on the Crime-stop tip-offline 086 00 10111.

Reporting a Missing Person

If someone close to you is missing, you should report it to the police. You don't need to wait 24 hours, report it as soon as you know they're missing.

Reporting Rape

If you have been raped or sexually assaulted, you can report this to the police. It is your choice whether to report, but if you do not report then your case will not be investigated or prosecuted. Police are not allowed to refuse to investigate your case if you report it. However, if there is too little evidence after an investigation by the police, a prosecutor may decide not to prosecute your case.

Safe Schools Call Centre

The WCED has established a Safe Schools Call Centre as part of the Safe Schools Programme. Educators, learners and parents can call the toll-free number to report violence, abuse, alcohol and drug abuse, vandalism and/or complaints regarding corruption in schools. The Call Centre also provides information on: