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The Helpdesk can be contacted directly for further assistance or details regarding the status on your subsidy application. This can be done either telephonically or through an e-mail.

First Home Finance/FLISP

The First Home Finance/FLISP is a housing subsidy for first-time home buyers to assist with purchasing a home.

Individual Housing Subsidy

Buying a home is the best financial investment you make, but it's not easy. Here's how the Western Cape Government can help you get your foot in the market. 

Rural Subsidies

In rural areas, many people don't have legal rights over their land but they do have functional security of tenure. For example, tenure granted in terms of the laws and customs of tribes, the custom, usage or administrative practice in a particular area or community or beneficial occupation of State land for a continuous period of not less than 5 years. These kinds of tenure are protected under the Protection of Informal Land Rights Act while land reform processes are implemented.