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Curriculum & NQF Development

National Policy on Whole-School Evaluation

This policy sets out the aims, principles and approaches of the whole-school evaluation. It also sets out the responsibilities of different levels of government and educational institutions.

Information about the Revised National Curriculum Statement Outcomes and Assessment Standards

Curriculum 2005 is the name of the National Curriculum Framework introduced into schools in 1998, based on the concept of Outcomes-Based Education (OBE).   The national Department of Education has since revised Curriculum 2005. The revised national curriculum will be introduced in the following stages: Grades R to 3 in 2004 Grades 4 to 6 in 2005 Grade 7 in 2006 Grade 8 in 2007 Grade 9 in 2008.

Information on the School Curriculum

The WCED's Curriculum website contains wide-ranging information about the curriculum, including details on the following learning areas and aspects of education:  

Mathematics, Science and Technology Strategy 2002 - 2008

(Strategic Plan or Business Plan)
(File type: pdf; size: 901.17 KB)Western Cape Education Department (Western Cape Government)

National Qualifications Framework (NQF) qualifications and unit standards

The National Qualifications Framework (NQF) creates a single integrated national framework for learning achievements that enhances the credibility of education and training.

National Strategy for Mathematics, Science and Technology Education in General and Further Education and Training

(Strategic Plan or Business Plan)
(File type: pdf; size: 601.23 KB)Department of Science and Technology (National) (The Government of South Africa)