Adult Basic Education & Training

ABET Learning Support Materials Database

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This database is both a national register and comprehensive guide to ABET support materials. It will help you to choose and to order suitable course materials and readers. Materials included in this database come from a wide range of publishing sources.

Adult Basic Education and Training Act, 52 of 2000

No. 52 of 2000Department of Education (National) (The Government of South Africa)
This Act provides for the establishment of public and private adult learning centres, funding for ABET provisioning, the governance of public centres and quality assurance mechanisms for the sector.

Education and Training for Adults (ABET)

Adult Basic Education and Training (ABET) is available to adults who want to finish their basic education. An outcomes-based programme, ABET aims to provide basic learning tools, knowledge and skills, and provides participants with nationally recognised qualifications.There are an estimated 3.3 million illiterate adults in South Africa.

Literacy Initiatives: SANLI

In 2000, the national Department of Education launched the South African National Literacy Initiative (SANLI), which oversees the establishment of a voluntary service to reach our estimated 3.3 million illiterate adults. SANLI caters for pre-ABET and ABET Level 1 learners and is part of the Tirisano programme. The campaign is run by volunteers who receive an honorarium.

Registering an Adult Basic Education and Training (ABET) Facility

ABET centres are typically housed in community learning centres managed by local communities and supported by the Education Department. Those wishing to operate ABET centres must register them with the Western Cape Education Department.