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Measles - Fact Sheet

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A concise document on everything you need to know about measles, how it can be prevented, treated and the Expanded Immunisation Programme goals and strategies in eliminating the disease.

Facts about Immunisation

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This fact sheet provides basic details on immunisation including details on why it is so important and what diseases children are routinely vaccinated against.


Immunisation saves millions of lives every year. It will protect you, your children and the community from dangerous diseases.

Immunisation Awareness

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A pamphlet raising awareness about the benefits of immunisation. Immunisation schedule included.

No More Polio by 2005

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This document provides basic information on Polio and also gives details on efforts to eradicate Polio by 2005.

Polio - Fact Sheet

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A fact sheet about polio and the role of government and communities in eradicating this infectious disease.

Preventing Polio

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This brochure explains why it is important for all children to receive polio vaccinations.

Questions and Answers about Measles & Polio Immunisation

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This publication provides information for parents around measles and polio vaccinations.