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Environmental Health


The provincial Environmental Health Services audits (monitors and evaluates), coordinates and supports environmental health services in the province.


More specifically they:

  • Monitor the rendering of MHS in the Western Cape
  • Formulate provincial environmental health policies, guidelines, norms and standards.
  • Ensure co-operative governance with relevant national and provincial departments and other stakeholders.
  • Investigate and report on all ministerial (national and provincial) enquiries.
  • Facilitate and coordinate the environmental health response regarding disaster management.
  • Manage the environmental health information system for the province.
  • Facilitate and provide provincial environmental health inputs regarding new developments and land usage.
  • Manage and facilitate provincial and national food safety programmes as well as the investigation of food poisoning outbreaks.
  • Audit legal compliance of irradiation facilities and irradiated commodities on behalf of the National Department of Health.
  • Identify training/education needs of Environmental Health Practitioners (EHP) in the province and facilitate the implementation of training programmes/projects.
  • Manage community service of EHPs in the province along with the provincial coordinator for Community Services.
  • Control the import, manufacture and sale of hazardous substances (licensing) and facilitate the investigation of pesticide poisonings from agricultural and stock remedies.
  • Facilitate and coordinate the environmental health response regarding communicable disease outbreaks.
  • Audit environmental health conditions at all government institutions (parliament, hospitals, correctional service institutions, police stations, etc).


The Environmental Health Sub-Directorate is a contact point for the Codex Alimentarius. The Codex Alimentarius is part of a trade agreement to which South Africa belongs that makes sure that the same food safety and composition standards are used around the world. There is also a Western Cape representative on the National Food Legislation Advisory Group (FLAG) body. FLAG is an advisory group that deals with food legislation in South Africa.


For more information, please contact the provincial health officials below.


Head Office:
Ewald Bonzet
Programme Manager
Tel: 021 421 1124
Fax: 021 418 5685

Danie Louw
Tel: 021 918 1513
Fax: 021 918 1531

Stanley Nomdo
Tel: 021 421 1124
Fax: 021 418 5685

Boland/Overberg Region:
Guillaume Olivier
Component Head
Tel: 023 348 1431
Fax: 086 613 7156

West Coast/Winelands:
Johan Goosen
Component Head
Tel: 022 709 5065
Fax: 086 566 3923

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