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Information on the Provincial Parliament


The Provincial Parliament is a public forum and it is important that the public is informed about the matters that are being debated in Parliament, the decisions that are made, and laws that are passed. People also need to understand how the parliamentary system works so that they can observe or participate in the process.



The Provincial Parliament has produced a number of publications to help you understand how Parliament works:

  • How The House Works

  • This guide explains briefly how the Provincial Parliament is elected and how it works.


  • Visitors Guide

  • The public can visit Parliament and observe the Parliamentary sitting and the committee meetings. Tours are also available.

  • Legislative Process

  • This guide explains the process that is followed before a law is passed in Parliament.


  • Rules of Procedure

  • The rules and procedures followed in Parliament are explained in this guide.
    Please Note: The Western Cape Provincial Parliament is in the process of reviewing its Standing Rules. Once this process has been completed, the revised rules will be available on this page for download.


  • How to Participate
    The public can give input to committees and MPs about different issues and proposed laws. This document explains how.


  • Provincial Parliament Fact Sheets
  • These short fact sheets explain different aspects of the Provincial Parliament and how it works.


You can find out more about what is being discussed in Parliament and the various parliamentary committees by looking at:



A large body of information on Parliament is contained on the Provincial Parliament of the Western Cape Website

You can use the online information request facility to ask for information that is not available on the Provincial Parliament website.

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