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Economy, Indicators and Statistics

1. General South African Economic Information

2. South African Statistics

3. Local Economic Developments

Selected South African Links

1. General South African Economic Information

White paper on national strategy for the development and promotion of small business in South Africa (20 March 1995).

The South African economy - Werksmans Attorneys
A brief overview of most aspects of the South African economy.

Economic publications by SA Reserve Bank
The Reserve Bank presents current market rates and other selected data.

Up-to-date stock exchange information
(JSE and more)

Africa Institute of South Africa - AI
The Africa Institute of South Africa is an independent think-tank, focusing on Africa in its research, publications and resource library. The Institute has built up a solid reputation over 40 years, combining in-depth analysis and research with topicality and policy relevance.

Economic Database - Department of Trade and Industry
Categories on this page include:

  • Reference maps of South Africa's trading partners.
  • Statistics South Africa - selected data.
  • Reserve Bank Quarterly Bulletin - selected data.
  • Econometric Model of South African Economy.
  • International Statistics.
  • Reserve Bank: Economic and Financial Data for South Africa.
  • Reserve Bank: Monthly Release of Selected Data.
  • Reserve Bank: Current Market Rates and Selected Data.
  • Metal Prices - London Metal Exchange.
  • USA Indices and Prices.
  • Manufacturing Sector Review.
  • Bilateral Trade between South Africa and selected countries.

2. Who Owns Whom - African Stats
African Stats is a specialist corporate, financial and economic research house. One of their ongoing projects is a micro-analysis of the companies that make up the sub-sectors of South African industry. Information included for each company includes: ownership including Black Empowerment stake (if any), turnover, number of employees, products, brands, trademarks, market share, competitors, projected turnover, competition and barriers to entry, factors influencing the success or otherwise of the industry and prevailing conditions in the industry. An overview of the sub-sector comments on conditions such as the state of the industry, how competitive the industry is and who the dominant players are, estimated size of the industry and any interesting features about the industry including any new initiatives. Also included is a table showing market share and turnover of each company involved in the sub-sector. This research is designed to give a full picture of the players and activities within various South African industries and essential information for those companies wishing to enter a market or those who are looking to find suitable business partners.

City of Cape Town - Economic Statistics
Information on publications to do with Cape Town's economy report and statistics.

Statistics South Africa - CSS
General statistics about South Africa. CPI, PPI, trade volumes and more, presented by Central Statistical Services.

Projects in Africa - Mbendi
This site contains profiles of major infrastructural and economic development projects in Africa.

Municipal Demarcation Board
Maps, demographics, statistics, municipal profiles and other useful information for market research.

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